National football official is not authentic, send blessings to pull hatred, Wu Xi was pit tragic, fans: sea cucumber is very innocent

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There was something wrong with the official of the National football Team. It was supposed to be a blessing, but it turned out to be a hatred campaign. Wu Xi, the captain of the National football team, was pitted miserably and the comment section was full of sea cucumbers.Zheng Zhi, the captain of China’s national football team, cried bitterly after his team was thrashed 3-0 by Iran in the 2019 Asian Cup quarterfinals.Since then, Zheng Zhi also faded out of the national team.After Zheng Zhi left the national team, Li Tie became the new coach of the national football team, and wu Xi became the new captain of the national football team.The choice of Wu Xi as captain was not a big mistake. Wu’s performance in the national team has been good until now, and he has been called by fans as a desperate man.I don’t know whether he is too old or under great pressure after wearing the captain’s armband, Wu Xi has not performed well in every match since becoming captain, or even in a state of invisibility.On the first day of the lunar New Year’s Day, the National football team played against Vietnam, wu Xi was the first to break the team’s gate because of his action to hide the ball.Vietnam rallied after scoring the first goal and ended the match with a 3-1 victory, their first ever victory against China.Wu Xi’s avoiding the ball, coupled with the sea cucumber incident, between the moment, the fans of the National football team lost the spearhead to Wu Xi.Wu Xi became a losing sinner, was pointed at.Originally as time elapses, the fan to Wu Xi blame already slowly fade away.But on February 18, Wu Xi’s 33rd birthday, the Chinese football authorities did something unusual.Wu Xi must know that in such a sensitive period, it is true that their birthday can only be quietly, should not be publicized.Because Wu Xi knows, more than a publicity, will let oneself be condemned time and elongate a minute.Instead, the Chinese football officials gave Wu a birthday greeting and a poster of wu’s birthday.National football team this move, although to send blessings, but in fact is to pull hatred, fans are saying that the national football team official must be intentional.Sure enough, the fans who had criticized Wu were back in action, leaving some nasty comments in the comments section, including the Chinese character “Sea cucumber.”Let’s pick out some interesting comments from fans and take a look.The whole body up and down with the sea cucumber as fat soft lie wu hide hide, sea cucumber: I offend you there?Merchants of sea cucumber is strongly recommended to clear the goods, have this elder brothers propaganda, even four years (a World Cup) is a losing proposition thought that sea cucumber is a good thing, later any further not bought since eaten sea cucumber hiding technology is very skilled you see ball Wu Xi hid the ball position is really handsome wu rare report, that day I eat many sea cucumber, just want to jump up but have a stomachache, want to diarrhea.So I covered my stomach and squatted.That’s it.End of report sea cucumbers eat too much, because sea cucumber mollusks have no bones, so some people don’t play football without…Waist to see in his four months of pregnancy, let him a yard wu Xi really can be said to be the national football officials to pit miserably, was mercilessly belt a wave of rhythm.Of course, the only thing to blame is his hiding at the crucial moment.It is also his hiding, let the sea cucumber was killed miserably, sea cucumber is actually innocent!