A man has been ordered to pay 60,000 yuan in emotional damages after he sued for divorce following repeated affairs

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A man has been ordered to pay 60,000 yuan for emotional damage after he sued for divorce after repeatedly cheating on his wife.We know that in a couple, no matter who cheats in marriage, it is a serious breach of the duty of loyalty between the couple, destroying the trust and deeply hurting the feelings of the other person.According to the Beijing News on February 9, the Haidian District People’s Court in Beijing recently ordered a man who cheated on his wife to pay her 60,000 yuan for emotional damage.The couple registered their marriage in January 2013.He said that in the early days of their marriage, they were inseparable and could not tell each other anything.But the difference of the disposition of two people and living habits highlights gradually, cannot reconcile, often quarrel endlessly because of trifles, but under, have to Sue divorce, and ask to divide husband and wife common property.The woman said she had agreed to the divorce, but that the real reason for the divorce was not because of trivial arguments, as the man claimed, but because he was addicted to cheating and making mistakes.Therefore, the man should assume the corresponding liability for compensation.During the trial, he initially denied her allegations.But he eventually admitted to cheating after she provided evidence including texts, pictures and videos posted on several social media platforms, as well as photos and videos on her mobile phone.In the end, the court combined the extent of the man’s fault, actual income and other factors, determined that the man should compensate the woman 60,000 yuan of spiritual damage compensation.After the news broke, many netizens said that the court’s decision is particularly good, cheating should pay the price, otherwise the values of the society will be distorted.Undeniably, with the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the rate of infidelity in marriage is on the rise, and the cheating behavior is high in concealing, fault cost is low, the cost of proof is high.If this trend continues to spread, it will not be conducive to the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the innocent party in marriage, nor conducive to the construction of a clean, harmonious and friendly family style.Cheating in marriage is something that is said to be despised by everyone, but it is done brilliantly.With the exception of “scum” cheaters, most people still want a harmonious and happy marriage for a long time to come.In real life, cheating in marriage hurts women more, because most husbands can’t bear their wives’ infidelity, divorce or hurt, while most wives choose to put up with their husbands’ infidelity.The whole society should pay attention to cheating in marriage, strengthen punishment, education and guidance to cheating in marriage in law, morality, public opinion and other aspects, and reduce the influence and harm of cheating in marriage to society and family.It is a kind of ugly social phenomenon, and its consequences are self-evident.May the couple cherish each other’s affection and cherish the family.