Too hot!”Can I get ice blocks instead of salad?” asked the clerk.

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Source: overseas network overseas network February 12, ice dun dun how popular?Us bobsledder Summer Britcher shared an experience of ordering food in the Olympic Village on Sunday, in which a fellow luger asked if he could get an ice cube instead of a salad.The comical moment came when Britcher was serving a meal with his brother on Sunday, which included a menu in English and Chinese that read “pizza + salad + drink” and a cartoon character of Bing Dwen adorning the three items in the promotional picture.The foreigner asks if he can remove the salad from the meal and get an extra ice cube, saying “I want two ice cube cubes,” while someone else adds “Three ice cube cubes.”After seeing the staff shake their heads, he asked, “What about a pizza, a salad, an ice cube?”Three staff members on the scene said in unison “we have no ice dun dun”, the little brother quickly said “it doesn’t matter”.It turned out that “a trick is hard to get”, “we all want extra bing Dwen dwen” and “unfortunately bing Dwen dwen is out of stock”.Copyright works of overseas network, shall not be reproduced without authorization.