Shen Hui: Prepare to compete weima like women’s football with 100 points of heat, yao out of thousands of light

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Leidernet Lotte on February 7 reported that The founder and CEO of Wei Ma Shen Hui today issued an internal letter, said that ready to compete, Wei Ma to like women’s football with 100 points of heat, yao out of thousands of light.Shui Qingxia, head coach of China women’s Football Team, said, “I saw the team’s spirit when they were down. I am very grateful to all the players for overcoming themselves and their opponents under difficult circumstances.”At present, in the competition of intelligent vehicle market, compared with the first three, Weimar still faces some challenges, but Weimar still achieved a lot in 2021, including the completion of nearly 500 million USD financing, becoming the only new force to get US dollar investment in 2021.Shen Hui said that the road to success may be different, but there is no high or low.If you keep on the road, you will eventually reach it.The following is shen Hui’s internal letter: Dear Weima students, Hello!The first day of work came after the Spring Festival.First of all, congratulations to all students!Horse to success!The past year has been a year of hard work. We have faced challenges such as the normalization of the epidemic and the shortage of chip supply.After yesterday, all the experiences have become a bunch of lights worth remembering today: The launch of Weima W6, the first to realize L4 unmanned driving in limited scenarios;Release the first intelligent pure electric car Weima M7, SUV+ car matrix forming;In the “2021 CAACS Report on Customer Satisfaction of China’s Automobile After-sales Service”, Weimar won the first place in new energy user satisfaction;In October last year, Weimar obtained strategic investment from Hong Kong Shun Tak, PCCW, Agile and Guangfa Shun Tak, and completed financing of nearly 500 million US dollars, becoming the only one to obtain US dollar investment in 2021, and also the largest financing scale of new car manufacturing forces;In 2021, Weimar delivered 44,157 smart electric vehicles in the whole year, which is close to the total of the previous three years’ total deliveries, giving a new “annual growth report”.Against the trend, this achievement has not come easily. This honor belongs to nearly 4,000 WEMA students, nearly 100,000 lovely WeMA users, nearly 6,000 WeMA service ambassadors and nearly 800 WeMA supplier partners. Thank you for your journey together!In retrospect, it has been more than 6 years since weIMA was founded in 2015.If we want to summarize what changes weIMar has brought to China’s new energy vehicles, including the new forces of car manufacturing, I think it should be a breath of competition and a change of direction for the industry.Over the past year, local brands and newer models have dominated the sales charts that everyone is watching.It contains the dignity and achievement of every Chinese autobot.Behind the sales change is a shift in the value of consumers’ cars.I noticed that Deloitte conducted a survey of more than 26,000 consumers in 25 countries in 2021, which can be summarized as follows: Compared with foreign users, Chinese consumers are the most willing to pay for intelligent technologies such as Internet of vehicles, voice interaction, autonomous driving and diversified powertrains.I personally think it’s more important for consumers to change the value of their cars than how many they sell.Especially in the intelligent, electric become the global wind direction of new energy vehicles, the user’s demand starting point determines the height of the industry, determines the car ceiling, the global new energy vehicles also look at China.The foreign language name Weltmeister of Weimar automobile is from the German world champion, which represents our belief that we do not believe that Chinese-made cars cannot be world champions.2022 is the Year of the Tiger and the rise of local cars.It can be clearly seen that the discourse power of new energy vehicles is in China, and cars are made by new forces, which will converge into a majestic potential energy and enable us to achieve a new take-off.But we need to keep awake and remind ourselves of why we set out and why we are here.Weimar is still a start-up technology company, and it will be normal for us to overcome obstacles.We should also firmly believe that Weima has its own development track and rhythm.Facing the competition in 2022, we need to “further” improve in the following areas.1. Strategically, further focus on the mainstream smart pure electricity market.Guided by user thinking, the company focuses on the needs of young family users, improves product development and intelligent manufacturing capacity, strengthens product quality and user experience, and creates intelligent mobile space with a sense of design and high appearance level to meet users’ more subdivided and personalized car needs.2. At the product end, further implement innovation technology and improve quality.Brand new electronic and electrical architecture, high voltage electrical platform, large computing power chip of vehicle scale, 4K ADAS camera, and wire control motion and steering constitute the core soul of intelligent pure electric vehicle.Weimar’s large-scale delivery of nearly 100,000 vehicles makes us more confident in adapting and landing these high-tech products quickly.After the product is delivered, more surprises will be created through continuous OTAs.3. At the R&D end, the intelligent driving moat will be further established.In 2022, L2 intelligent assisted driving has become common, and high-speed navigation is the new key word.Although we have achieved the three intelligent driving functions of high-speed navigation, city driving and parking at all costs on the M7, we still need to do the last optimization well.This is the most urgent task of the year, I will personally control and check.4. On the user side, we will further explore richer new ways of playing, strengthen user operation and service capabilities in multiple dimensions, enhance the contact between Weima brand, products and end users, improve the efficiency and effect of sales conversion, attach importance to user experience after delivery, and seize the traditional automobile market.5. On the enterprise side, to further improve the internal management and cultural construction of the organization.Our synergy between departments, regional coordination between, also has the very big promotion space, coordination between departments to do complement each other, will give line, in deed, promote synergy, condensed the combat effectiveness of the company and implementation, results oriented, and ultimately to provide users with safe and reliable, stable quality, good experience and reasonable cost “of products and services.Smart electric cars are still on the cusp of embracing the future.Industry development exceeds expectations, cross-sector partners continue to join the track, and market penetration continues to improve, all these tell us that this is an era of great promise, intelligent electric vehicles experienced only a first-half warm-up race, far from the end.Students, good wind with force, the road to build a car, is the road to struggle.After winning the Asian Women’s Football Cup last night, coach Shui Qingxia said, “I saw the spirit of the team when they were behind. I am very grateful to all the players for overcoming themselves and their opponents under difficult circumstances.”Let’s fight like The Chinese women’s football team, with 100 points of light, shine out 1000 points of heat, for double carbon, for smart green travel, do our best.There may be different roads to success, but there is no high or low road.If you keep on the road, you will eventually reach it.Freeman Shen Hui ——————————————— Lei Di was founded by lei Jianping, a media veteran. If reprinted, please indicate the source.