From 2-2 to 4-3!The Chinese women’s soccer team advanced to the final, breaking two records, falling behind twice and coming back twice

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China VS Japan in the second semi-final of the 2022 Women’s Asia Cup on February 3, 2022 Beijing time.Japan led 1-0 at half time before China equalised early in the second half.The score remained 1-1 and the two teams went into extra time.In extra time, After Japan scored one more goal, China won the match in the last minute, and the two teams entered the penalty phase.China beat Japan 4-3 in a penalty shootout to advance to the final.Considering the opponent in the final is South Korea, it is very likely that The Chinese women’s football team will win the championship.In the past ten years, the gap between Chinese women’s football team and Japanese women’s football team is getting bigger and bigger. In the first two semi-finals of “Women’s Asian Cup”, China Women’s Football Team met Japan team, and were eliminated in the first two times. Japan Team also won the championship after eliminating China women’s football team.Because wang Shuang sprained his ankle before the game, he did not appear in the starting lineup.For this, the attack system around King Frost will be changed.Therefore, Shui Junxia made a rotation of 5 people to the starting lineup.From the first half of the game, The Chinese women’s football team played very passive on the field, almost the whole court was suppressed.Without players like Wang Shuang in the middle and front court to hold them back, Japan had no worries about closing down high.In the 25th minute, The Japanese women’s football team finally broke the gate of the Chinese team under the premise that the Goalkeeper missed the good chance for many times.Japan’s 21-year-old striker Riko Ueki headed home a 45-degree diagonal cross from Nikhiko Miyazawa down the right.In the second half, Shui Junxia even for two people, Zhang Rui and Xiao Yuyi played, replaced Ma Jun and Zhang Linyan.The substitution worked.China equalised in the second half when Xiao Yuyi almost copied Japan’s approach in the 46th minute, sending a low cross from the right where Wu Chengshu beat her defenders and body-slammed the ball into the net.After a long time, although the Japanese team still dominated the game, but did not dare to attack like the first half, because China’s attack let the Japanese team have a lot of worry.Although the Chinese team was very passive, there were some more dangerous attacks.The 65th minute, the women’s soccer girl Lou Jiahui was seriously injured in a scramble, was stretchered out, Gao Chen appeared as a substitute.It should be said that the fighting spirit of the women’s football team is still worthy of our admiration. Thinking about the Chinese men’s football team, it is really not a taste in the heart.In the 85th minute, China got away with it when a central defender made a mistake and Japan’s forward line hit a gap behind them, but the final shot went wide. Although the referee later ruled Japan was offside, it was too scary, leaving many fans in a cold sweat.In the 88th minute, China also had a great chance when Tang received a pass from a teammate and ran into the penalty area with almost a single cut, but the goalkeeper overshot the ball and the goal could have been scored by Wang Shuang.The two teams were tied 1-1 with four minutes of stoppage time after 90 minutes and went into extra time.In the 96th minute, The Chinese women’s soccer team escaped another scare when a Shot from the Japanese team in an attack hit the Crossbar.In the 103rd minute, Japan scored a goal from a free kick. Riko Uechi headed the ball in front of the goal, which was verified by VAR. The Chinese players failed to make an offside position, mainly because the Chinese players had a foot level with Riko Uechi and were 2-1 down.Wang Shanshan scored Japan’s equaliser in the 120th minute after Zhang Xin flicked away a free kick.China only 2 shots on target, the whole game so two good chances, fortunately, China seized the.At the last minute, Xiao Yuyi of China’s women’s football team had a cramp, but the Japanese players were so eager to attack that they ignored it. Finally, The Chinese women’s football team held together and defended successfully and kicked the ball over the baseline.In the end, after 120 minutes of play, the two teams were tied 2-2 and the match went to a tense penalty shootout, in which Zhu saved the first penalty and Zhang missed the lead.Both teams scored penalties in the second and fourth rounds.In the fifth round, Zhu Yu saved the penalty kick, and the opportunity came to the Chinese women’s football team.The fifth team captain, Wang Shanshan, scored the winning goal to advance to the final.In the end, Japan lost 4-3 to China in a penalty shootout, and fell to the semifinals in regret.The match also created three humiliating records, namely: in the history of “Women’s Asian Cup”, The Chinese women’s football team has suffered three defeats to the Japanese team, and two defeats were at the foot of the Japanese women’s football team in the semifinals.Second, The Chinese team wiped out the embarrassing record of 4 consecutive defeats against the Japanese team.In this game, China’s head coach Shui Junxia was Shouting, the players were fighting.Under the premise that the Chinese women’s football team is not as good as their skills, they have played their physical advantages to the extreme in defense and tried their best to restrain the passing advantage of the Japanese team. In defense, even the forward Wang Shanshan withdrew to play the central defender, and the substitution of Shui Junxia in the second half can be said to be the finishing touch.At the beginning of the year of the Tiger, the Chinese women’s soccer team presented a big gift to Chinese fans.