Cannot understand Japanese household “abnormal behavior”, see these a few, just discovery is true use

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I believe many people know that Japanese university design is special simple fashion, many young people are special like, have copied!I also have a lot of friends around the Japanese home design, the home is not only clean without any stains, and live up is particularly comfortable!I just begin cannot understand Japan to live in these “abnormal behavior”, did not think of after seeing this a few points, just discovery is really very practical, suggest everybody can learn rise!Strip invisible floor drain should not only I a person feel that the floor drain in the toilet in my home is particularly ugly, the floor drain in my home is square, it looks particularly ugly, the water speed is also very slow, often can cause the blockage of the situation!But later I see friends around the decoration of the time have used the Japanese strip invisible floor drain, looks tall not to say, but also special delicate, water speed is very fast, do not have to worry about plugging!If your home hasn’t been decorated yet, you should definitely try these strip floor drains, which are clean and tidy, and don’t smell back up!Porch sinks at ordinary times when we take off shoes to change shoes in porch place, can have a few uncomfortable feeling, some of the older adults can only squat or sit on a small stool to take off shoes to change shoes better!Nevertheless the household design of Japanese is special human nature is changed, after considering this point, they can use the means that porch sinks, when we change shoes so, need to sit in porch only, special convenient!The design that porch sinks still has a benefit, that is need not worry porch place again disorderly, because it can have the effect that receive, and let whole space in our home look more capacious.If your home has not been decorated, we must try the bathroom dry and wet separation design, my home did not take this design, now very regret.Toilet dry and wet separation, we usually shower, wash, toilet can not disturb each other, so that the utilization rate of the toilet can be maximized!If your house is larger, you can do dry and wet separation in the toilet, only need to add a partition can have a different feeling, if you send the toilet is small, then you can move the wash basin, so that you can expand the area of the toilet!Wanxiang faucet When we usually wash or clean food materials, the ordinary faucet will always splash water on the body or the ground, where are water stains, will lead to the home looks dirty!And The Japanese also has certain requirement to faucet, that is cannot certainly splash water, so this kind of universal faucet that can switch Angle at will is loved by the Japanese!My home is installed in the bathroom and kitchen, both shampoo and wash face are very convenient, it is with 720 degrees of rotation function, it is particularly convenient to use, we must try!Supercharged flower is aspersed in had not used supercharged flower is aspersed before, I think the flower is aspersed all the time is same, after the supercharged flower that until I discovered Japanese likes to use is aspersed, was sucked powder by it thoroughly!The water flow of ordinary flower sprinkling is sparse and not concentrated, and the water pressure is unstable.The pressurized flower sprinkling water is relatively large, the water flow is delicate and soft, especially close to the skin will not stimulate the feeling!When closing an eye to be aspersed with common flower to clean hair before, often can leave an eye, this time should look for switch with the hand, it is too troublesome really, and this kind of supercharged flower aspersed solved this difficult problem easily, there is a button beside it, need to press only, current can stop!In addition, the most powerful place for pressurized flower sprinkling is to purify water flow and filter impurities in the water. With such water to clean the skin, it can make the skin more delicate and clean!Japanese people attach great importance to bath culture, so this supercharged shower is easy to use and cheap, usually we come home from work after a tired day, take a hot bath to relax is too cure!If your home is still using ordinary shower, I suggest you can change to a pressurized shower!Small beauty summary: Japanese a lot of home furnishing design is very practical, today share these several kinds of my family tried to feel higher cost performance, suggest that we can also try, maybe can give you different home furnishing life experience!