With rapid response and full response, nantong health workers have honed their work style in epidemic prevention and control practices

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Since the discovery of a novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive case in Nantong city on February 15, 2022, the Health system of Nantong City has promptly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Municipal Committee on epidemic prevention and control, sounded the battle horn at the first time, and the leading cadres, medical staff and staff at all levels of the system have immediately entered into a “battle state”.And to participate in the front-line prevention and control of the epidemic as a specific action to carry out the “Work style improvement year” activities, with the “white and black” “5+2” working mode, racing against the virus, in the prevention and control of the epidemic to temper the ability of the work style, to protect the life and health safety of citizens!”Hello, please show me your travel card…”In the chilly wind of the morning, qiu, a security guard at nantong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, bent down politely and carefully to check the owner’s travel card and health code, and take his temperature.With the occurrence of COVID-19 positive cases in Suzhou, Nantong and other surrounding cities, medical institutions as frontier “sentinel points” are facing great challenges.From early morning to late night, from outpatient to inpatient, from medical staff to cleaning and security, the city’s medical institutions are on the front line, guard every pass.In order to make medical treatment more rapid and convenient for the citizens, the First hospital of Nantong city marked “no two-yard entrance” at the entrance for manual inspection, which greatly facilitates the elderly citizens.After checking the two codes again at the second checkpoint of admission, the staff of nantong No.2 Hospital pasted the number plate of the date on the arm of each patient: “Pre-examination entrance, triage table, treatment room, inpatient department…We have people at every checkpoint checking information and conducting epidemiological investigations. With this number, you don’t need to show two numbers at the hospital that day.”The city women’s health care hospital will move the hospital entrance, to the hospital patients to guide in advance, guard the hospital gate while ensuring the safety of the road smooth.The city’s four hospitals as the city’s mental health specialist alliance leading units, announced the city’s 13 24-hour psychological assistance hotline, build a solid psychological defense of citizens!Strict measures have been taken to prevent and control the epidemic, including screening patients for fever in outpatient clinics, “one patient for one patient” in the consulting room, “one patient for one patient” in the inpatient department, and no visits in wards. These measures have effectively reduced risks and ensured patients’ confidence in seeking medical treatment.Nucleic acid detection efficiently and orderly, woven network monitoring and early warning on the 18th at four o ‘clock in the morning, didn’t bright days, from nantong 2 hospital Lu Yi got up early, and colleagues carpool to beauty of xinghu road of city development zone of red star triumphant dragon dongmen square, and other units of the medical staff, together for around six residential areas and related companies a total of more than 6000 people to carry out the nucleic acid samples.Because it was outdoors and the temperature was low, almost everyone was shivering with cold, but everyone did everything properly.In the monitoring and early warning triggered by multi – point compaction, nucleic acid detection is an indispensable key link.In addition to the “should be tested” of key groups, key environments and key items, it was just after the Spring Festival holiday, and the demand for nucleic acid testing after returning to work and school also increased greatly. In addition, after the occurrence of positive cases in Nantong, the demand for nucleic acid testing of ordinary citizens increased sharply, which brought more challenges to the city’s medical institutions.To this end, the hospital as a whole to arrange human resources, a temporary increase in site, the nucleic acid sampling time is extended accordingly, nantong nantong six courtyard open 24 hours, the research and the nucleic acid sample service, nantong, nantong hospital, nantong cancer hospital, a court of nantong, nantong six hospital laboratory personnel is the research and go all out, shift, day and night without rest,Ensure timely issuance of nucleic acid test reports.Since December 15, medical workers in Nantong have conducted nucleic acid tests for 852,003 people according to the unified dispatch of Nantong Joint Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters. Among them, 128,600 people in key positions, 20,165 in related areas, and 209,425 teachers and students on campus in the main urban area.Protect the health of jianghai people.Yan du also go deep solid, fastened the grassroots epidemic prevention line 18, nantong COVID – 19 outbreak zone spreading into comprehensive working group to prevent (control group) and medical treatment group sent nine inspectorate, each group led by nantong WeiJianWei and business office director, CDC, health supervision, control and prevention of experts, a total of 5 people, in the form of “four two straight”,The inspection was conducted in 10 counties and cities, township headquarters, CDC and hospitals.During the field inspection, the supervision groups comprehensively and meticulously reviewed the situation of the source tracing, emergency plan, nucleic acid detection capacity, and hospital infection prevention and control, encouraged good practices, put forward existing problems, and gave specific suggestions for improvement based on the actual situation.In Liuqiao Community, Tongzhou, Liu Leping, director of the Office of the trinity Inspection Group of the Municipal Health Commission, and his delegation supervised the nucleic acid sampling site of the standby full staff, and gave professional guidance to the on-site scheduling and training of personnel and materials.The special inspection strictly implemented the “daily inspection, daily report” system, timely reporting, summing up experience, strengthening the quality and efficiency of the inspection, strengthening the level of epidemic prevention and control across the system, and sparing no effort to build the defense line of people’s life safety.Correspondent Feng Jian proofread Sheng Yuanyuan