Traveling in the Mist/Song Wendong

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Reading a newspaper recently, I came to know that there is a mysterious ancient iron lock on the top of mount Li (old name of Qianfo Mountain), and I have no impression of it.As a jinan person, although I dare not say that I know lishan very well, but I do not know a huge ancient lock on the top of the mountain, which is always difficult to say.Just as the weekend arrived, I decided to check it out as soon as possible.Jinan on Friday night suddenly under a light rain, the next morning when I opened the curtain, outdoor fog, more than ten meters away from the face, this is the first fog since the beginning of winter this year.After snow, rain calendar mountain unique charm, I have experienced, but fog climbing calendar mountain but not once, also counted as two birds with one stone.Nine o ‘clock, the fog still does not come loose, overlooking li Shan, a blur, like playing hide-and-seek with me.From the north foot into the mountain, over the main gate memorial arch, the road is a long stone steps gentle slope, but after all, is also climbing, but a little more effort.When I arrived at tang Huai Pavilion, I felt hot and dry, so I opened my cotton coat and stopped to rest.In front of the Tang Huai Pavilion, eight red columns, black tiles saved top, cornices warped Angle, simple and elegant.I didn’t see it carefully before, but now I think it’s really beautiful.There is a plaque under the eaves on the south side, on which there are three green characters – Tang Huai Pavilion, written by Mr. Shu Tong.It is said that the location of this pavilion has been built zeng Gong Ancestral hall, in order to commemorate the Song Dynasty Qizhou governor Zeng Gong, there are inscriptions before the ancestral hall.But after the war, the temple destroyed monument lost, oblivion in the history of the smoke and dust.The pavilion was built in 1957 by the relevant departments on the original site of Zeng Gong Ancestral Temple. It was named because of its proximity to a Tang Huai tree.There are many ancient trees on the mountain, and the tang Huai tree is the most famous.Tang Huai has a hollow trunk, leaving only half of the old skin with two side branches: a diagonal yan south, with stone support;Another branch slanted to the north, with a steel pipe as a support.An independent young locust tree from the middle of the old bark in the past straight into the sky, although it is a junior, but with the other two branches of the same thickness, more strange, known as the mother hold child locust.Legend of the Founding of the Tang Dynasty military general Qin Qiong (word Uncle treasure) is a big filial son, every time to xingguo Temple for the mother please incense will be tied to this locust, barefoot up the mountain to show sincerity, so also known as the tree Qin Qiong chained ma Locust.Qin Qiong was a native of Licheng city in Jinan. It is said that his mansion was buried under wulong Lake.The new young robinia trees and robinia trees together, people think of mother and child love, as if qin Qiong and his mother’s incarnation.From tang Huai pavilion began stone steps become steep, after several turns, I climbed up the “Qi smoke nine” square.The square was built by Ye Guishu, the county magistrate of Licheng, during the Daoguang Period of the Qing Dynasty (1845).Originally wooden structure, 1985 changed to steel structure, two columns on the first floor, red columns and black tiles, dougong painted, carved liang Huadong, beautiful and elegant.The four gold characters of “Nine points of Qi Smoke” on the front were inscribed by Ye Guishu, borrowing from the poem “Nine points of Qi Smoke at a distance, pouring in a cup of sea water” by Tang Dynasty poet Li He in his poem “Dream day”.Nine o ‘clock refers to the nine hills in the north of jinan city, but now, except for Huabuzhu Mountain and Magpie Mountain, which can be seen at the top of the mountain on a sunny day, the rest of them can hardly be seen.After the “qi smoke nine” square, along the winding stone steps continue to climb the mountain, in a short while to the cloud path zen square.By now, I was halfway up the mountain.Back to the foot of the mountain, fog dense, blurred scenery, do not distinguish the way.Overlooking the mountain, xingguo Temple towering above the clouds, unreal and ethereal, just like a fairyland.Temple door graceful, rules open bright.There is a famous couplet on both sides: the morning bell awakens the world famous and rich people, the sound of the Buddha call back the bitter sea dream charming.I used to read it silently several times every time I passed by, and I knew it by heart.The antithetical couplet is quite zen, arousing and enlightening.Enter the temple, in the middle before and after two main halls, all red door yellow tiles, eave gao Meng, exquisite, magnificent.Men and women pray for incense and worship Buddha, people come and go, an endless stream.Sui Emperor Yang Jian in memory of his mother (Qizhou Licheng people) on the right side of the cliff engraved a large number of Buddha, this is the thousand Buddha cliff.Qianfo Cliff has three caves from west to east.The first is longquan Cave.The mouth of the cave, such as a door, more than one high, the door on the cliff upright, miscellaneous trees, rattan shake compose, ragged cloak.The cave is three meters deep and three meters high, with an area of more than ten square meters.There are several statues of Buddha carved on the front cliff, life-size, smooth lines, flowing clothes, exquisite carving, lifelike.At the root of the cliff there is an eye spring, named Longquan, blocked by an altar, peeping from the edge of the gap, dark inside, as if there is water, but I do not know the depth.The second hole is the bliss hole.There is a small door inside the Longquan Cave, which is connected with the Guelak Cave, allowing people to go directly to and from the cave.The cave is slightly larger than longquan Cave, with Amitabha Buddha engraved on the cliff in the middle, sitting position, more than 3 meters high;On the right is Dashizhi Bodhisattva, and on the left is Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. They are both 3 meters tall, standing with each other.There are also a number of large and small Buddha statues on the side of the cliff, the total estimated 70 or 80.Buddha surrounding stone walls are all black, as if smoked by fireworks baked in general, do not know whether it is a natural or man-made disaster.Out of the Jile Cave, ten meters to the east, there is a prajna gate, an ancient building slightly smaller than Qiyan Nine Square.Entering the door, on the right side of the cliff there are more than a dozen buddhist niches, all standing Buddha, well preserved.There is a cave not far from the Statue of Buddha, namely Qian Lou Cave.Cave for artificial chisel, legend for qian Lou himself.The mouth of the cave is more than one person high, more than two meters wide, three bends, more than ten meters deep, the end of the hole has an area of 20 square meters of rectangular space, there is a Statue of Mr. Qian Lou.Five or six meters away from the entrance, there was an inscription on the stone wall of Qian Lou Cave, which reads roughly: “Mr. Qian Lou, a man of The State of Qi in the Zhou Dynasty, cultivated his moral integrity and did not work for Kings.Duke Lu gong sent his emissaries to him and refused to accept.King Wei of The State of Qi appointed him a minister with a large sum of money. He soon lived in seclusion in the south hill of Qi with a chisel for a hole.He wrote four books on Taoist affairs, named Qian Lou son.According to legend, Mr. Qian Lou after his death covered with cloth, it can be seen;If you cover your feet, you will see your head.Some people say, if you skew it, you will be buried.Qian Lou’s wife said, “If there is more than one inclination, if there is less than one inclination, the master should take the lead and not slant. It is not your master’s intention to die slant.”After his death, Qian Lou was buried in his hometown in Linzi, the capital of the State of Qi.Out of the temple on the mountain, in the fog fight folding snake, ten minutes later to the top of the mountain.I asked a cleaning lady for the location of the ancient lock.”There it is,” she said, pointing to the east main peak.Beneath the main peak is a huge stone, and the ancient lock is hidden in a gap between the two.The lock is about 1 meter high, 1.5 meters long and 0.5 meters wide, with ornamentation and rust color;And chains five or six meters long, as thick as a man’s arm.Although the location of the ancient lock is not very conspicuous, but as long as the main peak is generally passed by the chain, how can you not see it?What a strange thing!A little curious, I lifted it with both hands without moving, as if an ant were lifting a cathedral.Unlike old things, iron chains can be lifted and make a loud noise, so they are hollow.There are welding marks on the surface, as well as a number of small holes as big as beans, which is obviously the result of wind and rain rust.There were carved stones on the side walls, but some of the words were clear and some were vague, to the effect: “Mount Li was once a celestial mountain on the sea, inhabited by immortals.Immortals wanton with fairy mountain cloud, sea god unhappy, with an iron lock lock.But the iron lock was broken, xianshan drifted to Jinan here.”According to expert research, Jinan was once a sea hundreds of millions of years ago, and then the earth’s crust rose to become a land, which makes the above statement seems to have a foundation, quite mysterious.At the end of the stone has the word “Datang” very clear.Judging from this, it should be a tang dynasty iron lock, but the possibility of the original is unlikely.From the lock I reached the summit in a few minutes.By this time, the fog was slightly lighter, but the Rossding Mountain in the south, fohui Mountain in the southeast, and Pingding Mountain were visible in the fog.The city below is also dim, empty, like a mirage.Daming Lake, the Yellow River and Qiyan at nine o ‘clock were still nowhere to be seen.There are several trees in the east of the pavilion, not cotinus, leaves are red and yellow, most of which have not yet fallen off, but I do not know what tree species, in this winter on the top of the mountain is a rare beautiful color.Then a gust of wind blew, I buttoned up my coat, down the south slope, out of the south gate.At one o ‘clock on December 23, 2021, the old cow walks in China