“Today, wenzhou is concerned about the prevention of imported epidemic

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In order to prevent the imported epidemic, all localities in Wenzhou further consolidated their responsibility for epidemic prevention and control and tightened the network of epidemic prevention and control to ensure that the general public had a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.Click to see the video:
More wonderful content, please click on the link to subscribe to “news broadcast” wenzhou wenzhou, wenzhou epidemic prevention code “new personnel return to temperature forecast declare at the moment, the acute epidemic situation grim, the overall play against state requirements of the municipal party committee, combination of online and offline, with good wenzhou epidemic prevention code” return to temperature prediction to declare “function, mobilization of wenzhou people out as far as possible on New Year’s day,Firmly defend the Wenzhou line.Click to see the video:
At 22:00 on January 25th, a case of nucleic acid positive was found in the fever clinic of binjiang Hospital of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical University.In the early morning of January 26, Hangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention tested positive and diagnosed a confirmed case of COVID-19. The close contacts and sub-close contacts of the case were immediately brought under control.Case: Gan, male, employee of Huite Catering Equipment Co., LTD., lives in Yujing Lanwan Community, Yiqiao Town, Xiaoshan District.Click to see the video:
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