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◆ A seed on an ear of a food crop or a bean in a pod of a legume crop.Also refers to food generally.○[Tang][Du Fu] “temporary residence of white Emperor Fu Also East Tun” poem: “Fall pepeing brilliant white, in addition to the red awn seeds.”[Ming][Tang Shunzhi], Fengyang and other places in the disaster and sparse: “And the people in the north of [Jiang] had no savings. They did not harvest their grain this year. They started to transport Beijing grain and bought it from far away.○[Ming][GUI Youguang] In The Discussion on Horse Politics, “The pasture land and the people raise horses, but collect their seeds, and then add more seeds. In this way, the land tax is merged, and why should the horse owners be blamed?””If you want to catch the sunny day to shovel grass, and then catch up with a rain, it is really pat pull pull long, the same night.In the old autumn, the corn is solid, one on top of another.”Seed (seed), ◆ Seed.○ “Jin Shi xuanzong Ji” : “He ordered three officials to advise the people to plant wheat, no seeds of the loan.”○ “The History of Jin · Biography of Hou Zhi” : “People granted 30 mu of land, loan seeds and test the harvest.”See “seed”.Rice, millet, millet○[Southern Dynasty][Liang Jianwen emperor] “< Zhaoming Too subset > preface” : “hair hidden copper fu, scattered wall under the jade grain……People who are very kind to us know that the gold in Yueyang falls from the air, and the millet in Nanyang grows from the wild.”[Tang][Du Fu] “MAO Tang Inspection school harvest rice” one of the poems: “Red fresh all day long, jade did not I save.”[Song][Su shi] poem: “This year the jade grain is as cheap as water, bronze to buy the bag is empty.”○[Qing][Wu Weiye] “two birds figure” poem: “but smile snow clothes greedy jade grain, feathers gaunt closed carving cage.”正 : You are fine.Refers to the medicine.○[Southern][Chen] Xu Ling tiantai Mountain museum Xu Ze mage monument: “although the jade grain is soft, gold paste not yong, the flow channel industry, ji He faint.”Leftover grains (leftover grains) ◆ Leftover grains of rice.[Song][he 䓕] “Spring Zhu ji smell · Sun Home Lv” : “[[Lv]] sex jin Pu no it can, but often day morning on the kitchen in the food utensil clean, gather abandoned grain.”○[Qing][Tang Sun Hua] “summer garden miscellaneous xu” two: “More than grain dare period points crane material, defeated wall is and chicken habitat.”Silver grain (silver grain), black and white image on the photo or film, is the silver halide crystal in the emulsion layer after photographic reduction into tiny silver particles.These tiny particles of silver are called grains of silver.The size of silver grain has great influence on image quality.Other conditions are the same, the image of fine silver grain is more clear, the shadow is richer.The thickness of silver grain in image is mainly determined by the performance of the photosensitive material itself and the conditions of washing.Stray grain (stray grain), ◆ stray grain○[Jin][Huangfu mi] “Gao Shizhuan · old Lai son” : “birds and animals of the hair, but achievements and clothes, the legacy of grain enough food also.”○[Song][Zhang Lei] “Frost After the West Garden” poem: “Wild and empty grain, pawn will be what food?”[Qing][Wang Shizhen] “Spring Does not Rain” poem: “Now I come to the valley to hurt the farmers, but I don’t see hungry birds peck at the grain.”Snow drops, snow drops.[Lao She] “Camel Xiangzi” 11: “The snow fell not much, into small snow grains, brush lightly ring, white ground.”[Lao She] “Camel Xiangzi” 11: “Small snow grains in the lantern with a little yellow light, like sprinkling ten thousand golden sands.”◆ A new harvest of grain.○[Tang][Cen Shen] “Stay huayin East Guo Ke she recalled Yan Fang” poem: “the master cook new grain, line full night hunger.”Fragrant grain, ◆ Rice.○ The Empty Tripod Theory of [Qing][Hou Fangyu] : [Peiping] is the place where the state of the nation is determined…More generous, the production of livestock.○ Langya spins, and the cloud sails turn in liaohai;Yu Yang is a chivalrous man. Xiang Grain comes from Dongwu.”Five pine, a kind of pine ◆.Because of a cluster of five leaves such as hairpin shape named.Or think that the five grains should be read as iguana and falsely represented as a grain, and each five iguana as a leaf.It is also called “five iguana pine”.One said, a cluster has five particles, shaped like peach kernel, edible, because of the grain name.”Five Little Song Songs” by Tang and Li He.”[Shimen Rock] is also a pine forest.Facing shimen Stream in the south, looking up at it in the middle of the stream, and turning away from the pivot tail, ZHU Xingzhu tail pine; Xiling is as different as horse iguana, and leaves five grains, name five grains of pine.”○[Qing][Gu Yanwu] sent Li Shengnan back to Dai Li Xichen, the second High Scholar, poem: “Five pines from [Huashan], sent to [Jiangdong].”See [Tang][Duan Chengshi] “You Yang Zazui · Wood”, [Song][Wu Zeng] “Nenggaizhai Ramu · Fact”, [Song][Wu Yu] “Guan Lin Poetry”.Five grains of wind (five grains of wind), ◆ Pine wind.○[Tang][Lu Guimeng] “and attack the United States cold night wen Feast Run Qing not to” poem: “Pine zhai night with [pure white], frost outside the air smell five grains of wind.”See “Five Pines.”Threshing (threshing) The harvested crops are rolled and beaten or stripped off by machines.Pine granule, ◆ Pine iguana, pine needle.○[Tang][Lu Guimeng] “feng and attack the United States taihu poem · Three night God King Palace” : “the wind set ancient pine grain, dew pressure repair lotus handle.”○[Tang][Lu Guimeng] “send people dismissed to MAO Mountain” poem: “dark frost pine grain red, sparse rain grass hall cold.”Water particles, ◆ water droplets, water points.Chapter 1 of The Star-spangled Grass: The day is dawning.There are tiny particles of water suspended in the air.”Number of grains (number of grains), ◆ several grains of rice.○[Jin][Zhang Hua] “Ode to Wren” : “The nest forest is no more than a branch, and each one can eat no more than a few grains.”Later used as a metaphor for settling for poverty.○[Tang][Du Fu] “Wind boat in the pillow book with thirty-six rhyme presented to Friends and relatives in Hunan” : “should be a few grains of food, nearly four know gold.”○[Song][Zeng Gong] “Times in the book asked return period” poem: “a number of stable body, do not envy cloud Pengjiu wan Fei.”But a grain (but a grain).Eat no grain to live long.[Jin][Lu Ji] “Han Gaozu heroes ode” : “Entrusted to [Huang][Lao], died but grain.”○ Southern Dynasty [Song][Xie Lingyun] mountain Fu: “Contempt [Wencheng] but grain, willing to chase [song] to travel.”○[Song][Kong Pingzhong] “Continuation of the world, Qi Yi” : “but the generation of grain, dinner plate xia people, but can be temporary, should not be long.”Rice grain snow, ◆ rice snow.○[Ming][Xie Zhaozhi] “Five Zazu · Tianyi” : “Poem” : ‘Phase against the rain and snow, first set maintenance graupel.’Graupel, snow not into flowers, today’s common call rice snow, rain initially frozen into also.”See “Michelle”.Grains of rice, grains of rice.Also refers to food generally.○ The History of the South · Biography of King Xiyou of Jinpingla of the Song Dynasty: “Tian Deng asked for a white rice with a short amount of 100 coins, and the rice grains were all white;If it is broken, it will not be accepted.”[Kong Yingda] : “There was rice for everyone in the world.”○[Tang][PI Rixiu] Is Happy Fu · Pawn wife resentment: “The situation when a 瘥 year, such as roses rice;Die of starvation and die of starvation.”○ Bing Xin: I ate a bowl of rice as if I were counting rice grains for several hours.◆ Supplement card entry ■ meters of particles.Also refers to food generally.○ Jia Sixie of the Northern Wei Dynasty, qi Min To shu li Cheese: “Porridge white as condensed fat, the rice grains have a kind of green jade.”Wheat grains (wheat grains), ◆1.[Song][Fan Chengda] “to a zhai story” poem: “at present wheat yellow noodles, a few days green like a needle.”[Song][Lu You] “Farmhouse” poem two: “Rain fear wo head steamed ear, run sorrow wheat grain moth fly.”误 : The tea sprout.[Song][Zeng Gong] “Taste new tea” poem: “wheat received peerless product, sunflower made out of new.”From note: [Ding Jingong] Beiyuan new tea poem preface cloud: tea buds picked as big as two wheat.'” Hemp grain, ◆ point out the scar spots left on the face after smallpox.[Mr. Three] probably remembers this [Yao Jinfeng], thin and long with a thin blade and a small round face. She has a few fine white grains. She is in her thirties.”[Yao Jinfeng’s] small round face of white hemp flares under the halo of the kerosene lamp.”Seed selection (seed selection), a method for selecting seeds.According to certain standards, plump and intact seeds are selected one by one for sowing.Suitable for soybean, corn, cotton and other large grain crops.正 : Eat grain.○ Book of Rites · System of Kings: The Northern Yue [Di] lived in caves with feathers and clothes, and there were no food.According to Chen Ho, there are many non-grain eaters in the cold northwest China and less grains of grain.○[Southern Dynasty][Liang][Shen Yue] “All Saints” : “Jiagu Zhao sowing, civil grain food.”[Tang][Han Yu] “Fu Tu Wen Chang Shi Preface” : “The sage stands up, then knows the palace residence and grain food.”正 : Food.[Southern Dynasty][Liang][Tao Hongjing] Book of Destiny, Volume 2: “Steal the life of the people, grain food for this.”[Tang][Hu Qu] “Tan Binlu · Su GUI” : “Now the grain is rich and the people are not enough.”[Yuan][Zhang Yu] “Send Zhao Yizhi back” poem: “[Jade mountain] have harvest, not willing to ask grain food.”◆ Every penny, every grain.○[Song][Yu Wenbao] “Blowing sword recording collection” : “Between [Shaoxing], [Zhao Jingle][Good Xiang] left [Jiankang], anxious for wealth, no time difference under the official zhuyi, hole grain above, summarized.You have made a grain of corn.Taoism to give up fire food, do not enter the grain to prolong life cultivation art.○[Jin][Sun Chuo] “Tour Tiantai Mountain Fu” preface: “Fu left the world road, pure ruzhi, wu can lift and house.”○[Tang][Han Wo] “Gift to Hunan Li Siqi scholar” poem: “Know more than the grain peered fairy matter, xu to the famous mountain to see the medicine furnace.”○ “Yunji seven sign” volume two three: “take suction toward the liquid, suspended grain.”○[Ming][Gao Qi] “Cooking stone Hill room record” : “the later immortal said xing, Fang Shi began to guide people to the art of the dead grain.”2 pieces on hunger strike.[Tang][Dai Shulun] “Zeng You” poem: “A sense of [Chu] prisoners, Dan Zhongyu shine.”○[Qing][Gu Yanwu] “And Ye Ren ‘an book” : “The nation died, with women and dance [Shouyang] fierce;Last words, whether there is a different generation of speech.”A dream of Red Mansions (a Dream of Red Mansions) : “One day was lifeless, but we did not drink our porridge.In pieces (3) China.”[in] [ge hong]” holding tastes, bo yu “:” [solitary bamboo] not with JueLi easy deer [Taiwan] rich, [child inexpensive] not to trap or trade (quotation).”○[Song][Ouyang xiu] “Dali Temple Cheng Di Jun epitaph” : “Will fall rain, rice yuyu expensive, grain, you hair changping su relief.”◆ The simplest substance of which matter is made up is known to man.They all have a certain mass, some are charged, some are not charged, and can convert to each other.Fire grain, ◆ refers to grain.Because all must burn cooked and eat, so called.○[Southern Dynasty][Song][Bao Zhao] “Xiao Shi Qu” : “Fire grain is willing to discard, xia Fog is good climb.”○[Tang][Li Qi] “Ye Mr. Zhang Guo” poem: “meal xia broken fire grain, wild clothing and lotus system.”○ 猺 song by Qu Dajun in qing DynastyRed grain (red grain), ◆1. Rice.○ “Literary Selection · Zhang Xie < miscellaneous poems > ten” : “Chi Embers re find laurel, red grain your yao Qiong.”○[Liu Liang] Note: Red grain, rice also.○[Tang][Wu Zetian] “Tang Ming Tang movement · Feather sound” : “Huang Zhong Chen Jade candle, red grain Yin nium age.”○[Tang][Qian Qi] “Autumn Lin Song” : “Gongqing red grain cuangdangui, Qianshou baigu seal moss.”◆2. Grainy red stamens.[Song][Ouyang xiu] “Go to goose Pavilion” poem: “Green bud red grain burst out, fiber fu tender calyx such as tailoring.”Sweat granules, beads of sweat.Midnight 15: [Qian Baosheng] shouted and clenched his teeth. His forehead was covered with sweat grains the size of soybeans.◆ Repair certificate entry ■ sweat.○ ‘Tao Ju and His Relatives’ by Kwon Yeon-chaeSweat particles accumulate bigger and bigger, one can not hold, rolling down, will drive countless sweat particles, into a water system.”[The East China Sea] is 鼇 yan, crown [Penglai] and swim in the sea, prant and on the dry cloud, no and dive in the chongquan.There are red ants smell and yue, and ants to the sea side, to view the 鼇 trip, not out of the group for more than a month.A few days wind stop, the sea hidden destruction such as 岊, its high concept day, or swim west.The ants said, ‘Why don’t you wear a grain on his crown mountain?'” Guan Shan is big, while dai Grain is small.Each to his own size.Rice grains (rice grains), ◆ rice grains.[Southern Dynasty][Song][Liu Yiqing] A New Story of The World: Virtue] : [Yin Zhongkan] ate five bowls of food. There was no more food outside the dish, and the rice fell off between the dishes.[Song][Fan Chengda] forty Rhyms of Mockingmosquitoes: “Crystal purple crab eyes, drops of red rice grains.”Dai Grain, Volume 947 of The Taiping Imperial Review quotes Fuzi: “[The East China Sea] has 鼇 yan, crown [Penglai] and floated in the sea…The ants said: ‘The crown of the other mountain, how different from my wearing grain, free and unfettered seal the soil top, fu hole also.'” Later because “wear grain” refers to ants.○[Qing][Jiang Shiquan] “Xiangzu Lou · Shooting ants” : “Zhuman, running before and then wan, wearing grain edge stream.”Cui Grain, ◆ namely cui iguana.○[Tang][Liu Yuxi] and the Department of Arms Zheng Lang province in the four song poetry ten rhyme “:” Green grain fine hanging dew, green scale rain moss.”[Tang][Li Shangyin] “Can Snow” poem: “The mountain ji haze light tred, pine xuan green grain new.”According to, grain is “iguana”, see “Broad qunfang spectrum · wood spectrum · Song yi”.See “Green iguana”.No particles, ◆ no particles.Like saying no food.○[Beiqi][Yan Zhitui][Yan Ji-tui][Yan Ji-tui] “Three days without grain, father and son can not be together.”○ Biography of Zhang Zhan in The Book of Wei: “[Zhan] to the Capital, his family was poor, and his exercise was not lost.”Half a grain, half a grain of rice.”Very few.Chapter 20 of The Water Margin: A scholar in a village named OhIf there is not half a grain of micro power, how dare you occupy it?”A grain of rice is a bundle of wages.○ Surprise in The Case of Two Lovers, Vol. 24: “I have been wronged by [Miao’s] family. The grain of rice is not ready at home.