“Spring Festival walks grassroots” Spring Festival does not close lingang industrial Park construction is busy

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Age of moon and its, update law of nonyl tiger) for the first day of the year the streets decorated is permeated with the joy of family and Mr Yang river not far from urban area of lingang industrial park is on the other “lively” endlessly stand in the front line, project builders Spring Festival flourished as the year of the tiger “good start” sonorous powerful strides in lingang industrial park construction site, despite the cold weather,But the workers are busy with the utmost enthusiasm, transport material, installation air conditioning, partition, wiring, each interior decoration work in an orderly way.”At present, we are mainly engaged in the interior decoration of the standardized workshop. Although it is the Spring Festival, we still have more than 70 workers and administrators fighting in the construction line to ensure the quality of the construction progress is not reduced.”Industrial park management committee staff Zhang Zhao introduction.It is understood that the main infrastructure of Lingang Industrial Park has been completed, the roadbed of greening pipe network around the plant has been basically completed, and 8 electronic information enterprises such as Yongrunxin and Zhitong Optics have settled in. The 2#, 3#, 5# and 8# factories under renovation are expected to be completed by the end of February, and the incubation center is expected to be put into use by the end of June.Spring Festival does not stop, but the flavor of the “not absent”.The project office area and living area are decorated with an entirely new look, and the festive atmosphere can be seen and smelled.”The construction period is tight and the task is heavy. The Spring Festival is to ensure the construction project can be put into operation as soon as possible.We have come up with a series of heart-warming measures so that our workers can enjoy the Lunar New Year.”Area produce cast group vice – chairman Hou Zhong said.The workers who stayed behind to work overtime received the New Year gift package and New Year red envelope prepared by the project department. On the New Year’s Eve, they enjoyed the customized New Year’s Eve dinner together. At the dinner table, the workers chatted with each other, talked about reunion and development, drank together and celebrated the New Year together.”If you stick the couplets on it, you will enjoy the New Year’s Eve. We will eat the Reunion dinner and watch the Spring Festival Gala together at the construction site. We will not be lonely.”Lin Zhiyou, a worker from Zhongjiang County, Deyang, said.”I have been coming to Lingang Industrial Park for a year too!At the construction site did not expect to have a small surprise, eat reunion dinner!”As soon as the reunion dinner began, Liang Xiuming, also from Deyang, couldn’t help but pick up her mobile phone to take a short video and share the “taste of The New Year” with her family.The builders of Lingang Industrial Park have committed themselves to their duties and work hard to ensure the smooth operation of the construction project during the Spring Festival. They are dedicated to the early completion.After the completion of this non-stop project, it can undertake 100 large and medium-sized enterprises in advanced manufacturing industry, electronic information industry and other industries, realize more than 20,000 employment, and its annual output value is expected to exceed 12 billion yuan.The workers in Lingang Industrial Park, with their dedication and sincere actions, have presented the beautiful New Year wishes to Enyang. Let’s send the most beautiful “dedication blessing” to the “defenders” of this Spring Festival!