Sheep raising experience to just start some advice to friends, grasp the profit will be more and more high

2022-05-03 0 By

This year, a lot of new people start to enter the sheep raising industry. Some friends raise dozens of sheep, thinking that they are the boss, so they start the shopkeeper, spend thousands of yuan to hire workers to raise sheep, usually do not care about the breeding, this practice for new entrepreneurs, it is difficult to make money.The number of novice sheep raising is not much, it is best to do it yourself, you can save the labor costs, to feed the sheep themselves will be very concerned, so as to observe the specific situation of sheep, feeding, health, etc., but also convenient to do the corresponding adjustment and management.Another, in the harvest season of rural crops, our farmers should be diligent and collect more crop stalks and leftovers after processing, because these can be used as sheep feed.Crop material oneself collect much, in inclement weather can be in the house to raise, also need not spend money to buy, winter to raise 2~3 months, a sheep at least can save more than 100 yuan of raising cost, 50 sheep can save more than 5000 yuan, invisible is equal to more than 5000 yuan of net profit.Qiongzi of Weiyan Sheep Farm thinks that when a novice enters the sheep raising industry, he needs to accumulate a lot of things by himself and cannot completely rely on others. Only when he has experience and scale up, it is suitable for hired workers to raise sheep.The newcomer starts in a small scale, the early period is generally hard earned, many aspects have to rely on their own savings.