Relationship advice for girls

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1) A man and you together, he has already decided to give you in his mind, you are suitable for love or marriage.2) The person who let you down once won’t let you down only once.Idiot!3) Don’t believe these two phrases: “We won’t break up if you don’t.””I’ll love you till I die.4) When you are not sure whether he loves you or not, then you can be sure that he does not love you.5) Don’t be in a long-term relationship unless you can afford to lose.6) Girls can be clingy and willful, but don’t be unreasonable.In addition to your parents, no one will tolerate you forever.7) Don’t provoke mother treasure male, foolish filial piety male, as well as domestic violence male, gambling male, cheating male, whoring male these are not ordinary people can provoke!8) All do not take the initiative, because of not enough like, no exception.9) When you are in love, don’t break up easily;After breaking up, do not bother each other is the best state.10) Love a person to moderate, not good to no bottom line.Always remember that a person who eats too much will not be grateful, but will be anorexic.