Is there a chat app that allows you to chat like no one is watching and not be noticed?

2022-05-03 0 By

In modern urban life, the main means of commuting are subway and bus.Especially during rush hour, you’re lucky to get on the train.The carriage on the people many eyes miscellaneous, if there is something urgent want to return a message is not easy, but also pay special attention to the surrounding of those nowhere to put the eyes.People, whether familiar or unfamiliar, should have a certain sense of distance and respect each other.Therefore, when chatting in public, there are always people who unconsciously look at others’ mobile phone screens.Now there’s a way to chat like no one else is watching and not be noticed — good luck with an encrypted chat app for Android and ISO.Generally speaking, the best way to stay undetected in a chat is to chat with no one else and erase the message logs immediately after the chat.But there are often several ways to recover deleted messages.As a result, chatting seems unsafe.Good luck bar encryption chat software can disguise the chat, there are a variety of camouflage modes.Users can hide chat software inside the calculator.By the way, who doesn’t have a calculator on their phone these days?Hide the chat software under the cover of your calculator so that even if someone fiddles with their phone for a long time, they won’t find out what it’s really for.In the process of chatting, just like the above mentioned public places, when there are too many people and too many eyes, you can turn on the camouflage chat mode, and you can quickly return to the disguised page such as calculator, news and information through the convenient operation of turning the phone screen.Incoming new messages will also come disguised as updates to the mobile system, news feeds, spam, and so on.You can also combine multiple messages into a single masquerade, avoiding frequent reminders to draw attention from outsiders.This is an App that does not require registration of identity information, and the system does not read users’ phone contacts.Outsiders cannot search for and add friends through their mobile phone numbers or other social media accounts. Friends can only be added through their chat numbers.Moreover, the system does not have a password retrieval function. If someone tries to log in to the chat screen by retrieving the password from their mobile phone number, the system will automatically delete all information under the account.Because the system does not set a password retrieval function, there is no need to worry about others malicious login to check the chat history.The outside is a calculator, and the chat screen can only be accessed by entering a password in a hidden entrance.Messages are transmitted in the form of end-to-end encryption. All messages are encrypted and stored on the user’s mobile phone. The system does not upload or backup users’ chat records and space albums.