Husband and wife too trust: ying CAI son does not turn Chen Xiaochun’s mobile phone, good skin is king way!

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Wen/skin kang people sometimes is like this, there is no time to start a family, just fall in love, seems to be more of a romantic love affair between couples, you nong nong my sticky sticky, but as the emotional stability, step by step down the aisle when time seems to enter the second stage of development, so Mr Qian zhongshu said marriage is a siege.Those outside want to get in, and those inside want to get out. That’s the harsh reality.So, the contemporary society, how to better deal with the relationship, marriage is also a science, worthy of attention, one of the most let people heart is started the crisis of trust, especially women’s confidence and trust in the marriage is a big discount, after all, some have become yellow face shiva, mainly focus on the cultivation of the child,So sometimes mutual suspicion often plays out.Sometimes looking at each other’s whereabouts, and sometimes, each other to look at the mobile phone, but this seems to reduce the trust between each other, but the formation of a vicious cycle, which will affect the harmony and beauty of marriage, so the artist Ying CAI er’s behavior is worth many women to learn, worthy of praise.Entertainer Hu Haiquan reportedly asked, “Is it illegal for a couple to look at each other’s mobile phones without consent?”Relevant people said it was illegal, Chen Xiaochun after listening to the expression of shock and confusion asked: “my wife to look at my phone is illegal”, then showed a happy smile.”There is no need to ‘peek’,” Ying caier said in a post on Monday, along with a photo of herself with two Chinese characters “chi” photocopied over her eyes.Net friends see this one after another ridicule: “fair and square see”, “my eyes is ruler, sister follow the trend ah”, “sister-in-law mighty ~!””Spring elder brother: I also dare not disagree.”I can see you as a wife ying CAI er that is full of confidence, also let everybody for her atmosphere also feel shocked, don’t think it’s aura as a goddess, did you know that ying CAI er and Chen xiao chun, compared to 15 years younger, belongs to the typical old little wife, so don’t worry about aging, this is her advantage,But it is not easy for ordinary women to do this, the biggest lesions often start from the skin, skin problems for women’s destructive force is also very big.Maybe someone just old tan, so for the average women, especially middle-aged women have to watch out for some skin problems, such as acne, dermatitis, and itchy skin problems such as trouble, and these problems with people’s eating habits, habits and customs, as well as the body of hormone balance, only the correct understanding to the above question, to the same confidence with ying CAI er.Report Comments 0