@Jiaxing people!Several vaccination sites in Xiuzhou district issued emergency suspension notices

2022-05-02 0 By

Due to the transfer of COVID-19 prevention and control personnel, a number of novel Coronavirus vaccination sites in Xiuzhou District have issued an emergency suspension notice.Xiuzhou District People’s Hospital: COVID-19 vaccination will be suspended on February 15.Consultation telephone: 83400856 Xiuzhou District Maternal and child Health hospital: normal reception.Wangdian People’s Hospital: On February 15, wangdian Taipingqiao Clinic, Meixi clinic, Fengzhen clinic, Rockery clinic, Zhuang ‘an Clinic and Honglian Clinic were suspended, and children’s vaccination in the hospital’s vaccination room was suspended.Wangjiangjing Hospital: On February 15, children’s vaccination and children’s physical examination were suspended in the outpatient department of the hospital, nucleic acid sampling was suspended in the hospital’s nucleic acid sampling hut, and vaccination was suspended in the town government’s square shelter.Consultation telephone: 13967370102 Honghe Town Health center: normal treatment.Youchegang Town Health Center: On the afternoon of February 15, the temporary vaccination sites for COVID-19 vaccines were suspended.Xincheng Street Community Health Service Center: On February 15, the yadu Service Station and Xiuhu Service Station of Xincheng Street Community Health Service Center will be closed.Xincheng Street Community Health Service Center children vaccination clinic suspended.Gaozhao Street Community Health Service Center: On February 15, gaozhao Street Community Health Service Center’s Xiuyuan Health Service Station, Xiangxian Health Service Station and Xiuqing Health Service Station will be suspended.Wangdian Town construction health center: On the morning of February 15, COVID-19 vaccination clinics will be suspended.Telephone: 83323012, 83322024-801 Source: Xiuzhou District Health Bureau