The rule has nothing to do with Mr Chen, but with the culture of the tattoo industry

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Is it necessary to restrict tattoos for Chinese football players?Netizen comment in succession, opinion is different.In fact, Fan Zhiyi advised Zhang Linpeng, China’s national soccer player, to remove her tattoo in 2014.This is probably the first soccer player to propose getting a tattoo!In 2018, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) ordered clubs and players to rectify tattooing problems.But the rule didn’t last long.Now the rules are on the books, sparking heated debate on social media.(See the short article “General Administration of Sport: National football Players are forbidden to add new tattoos, and National youth players will not be recruited with tattoos.”) In this regard, we should understand the following: 1. The regulation was not proposed by Chen Xuyuan, but by Fan Zhiyi, and was established by the General Administration of Sport.Mr Chen, like other clubs, did not strictly enforce the rule, which is why the ban on tattoos has gone nowhere.2. According to this regulation, it is certain that tattooed players cannot enter the National football team, and there should be some restrictions on tattooed players in clubs.However, clubs such as Mr Chen do not impose strict restrictions on key players’ tattoos, perhaps in an attempt to keep them out of the National team.That’s why this rule has been ignored.3. Why does the sports bureau only stipulate that men cannot get tattoos when they enter the national team?Are other sports teams allowed to get tattoos?4, if the sports bureau rules that all national team athletes can not tattoo, then, the tattoo industry will be greatly affected.Because sports majors want to make it to the national team, therefore, they don’t get tattoos.This will improve the tattoo industry and perhaps influence the sports bureau through positive tattoo culture.For example, give Zhang Linpeng a tattoo of “encircled and forced” on her left hand and a tattoo of “passing and kicking” on her right hand, Xu Genbao will be happy.To sum up, the regulations of the Sports Bureau on the tattooing of Chinese football players are not comprehensive enough.