New jin top flow, a pier hard to find!This picture is so enviable

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In recent days, Bing Dwen Dwen, the Mascot of the Winter Olympic Games born in Guangzhou, has become the new top trend of national popularity, which has prompted netizens to ask “when will Bing Dwen dwen be resupplied?” What is “a trick is hard to find”?Down ↓↓ Cao Xue, head of the design team of Bing Dwen Dwen, talked about the hot sales of bing Dwen dwen.Cao Xue, head of the design team and a professor at the School of Visual Art and Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, told Guangzhou Daily that as a mascot, being popular and selling well is the key.This is what any designer, including all members of their design team, would like to see, and he hopes that more and more people will like Bingdwen Dwen and actually buy it.He joked that as the official mascots of the Games, even his team had bought a batch of mascots from the official store for their friends and relatives.Cao Xue told reporters that in fact, at the beginning, Bing Dundun mainly locked about nine years old children as the target consumers, now it seems that the market can be used to describe bing Dundun.He said, he also all the way in the street shop, when I learned that Bing Dun Dun by everyone’s love, especially in Beijing Wangfujing, tourists lined up for one or two hours to buy ice dun dun in the cold wind, actually let him feel warm in the heart.”What you might not expect is that the black and white panda under the ice crystal shell is not monotonous and cold, but thick warmth.”In Cao Xue’s opinion, as a sports event, especially such a grand event as the Olympic Games, mascots are born to be ambassadors of friendship and goodwill.To be a friendly ambassador, the prerequisite is to make people feel warm and lovely, which can not be replaced by the language and words of any country. This is the power of design!Especially in the current international environment and the impact of the epidemic, Bing Dwen Dwen, as a symbol of China to spread love and warmth to the world, with the great event of the Winter Olympics, let the world join hands again, together towards the future!Today, as she awaits the opening of the Winter Olympics, Cao still recalls the night two years ago when Bing Dwen dwen was announced as Beijing’s mascot.That night, he said, officials from the organizing committee said that from then on, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Bing Dwen Dwen would forever go down in Olympic history.”Then I think, judging from bingdwen Dwen’s current popularity and sell-out performance, we can expect a lot more from bingdwen Dwen, worthy of history!”Designer this group photo, also let a person too envy!Source: Guangzhou Daily