Memories of New Year’s Day

2022-05-01 0 By

New Year’s Day is to pay a New Year call.Open the mobile phone in the morning is full of New Year’s greetings.This year due to a variety of reasons did not go home for the New Year, can only be a phone call.In my hometown when the first day of the New Year to those elders home call.Now think of a lot of good memories in front of us…When I was a child, we all got up early on the first day of the New Year. Although we went to bed late on The New Year’s Eve, we were woken up by the sound of firecrackers.In my hometown, the first day of the New Year usually eat saozi noodles or dumplings in the morning.After eating the children is to change new clothes to go to the village, pocket will be loaded with a few melon seeds, with a few sweets.So when I was a kid, the village was full of kids wearing new clothes eating melon seeds and sweets on New Year’s Day.On The first day of the New Year, no one visited relatives, and all the children played in the village.Now I find that most of the children in the village stay at home and rarely come out.New Year’s Day in the hometown is not clean.So no one cleans the yard or front door on New Year’s Day.Because customary cleaning sweeps away good luck.These customs place people’s good wishes.New Year’s Day generally do not go to other people’s home to eat, after the New Year are in their own home to eat, New Year’s day is not to go to relatives.On New Year’s Day every family gets together to have a meal.I remember when I was a child, my mother cooked delicious food on The first day of the New Year, the first day of the year, which means a good beginning of the year.At the beginning of the New Year, the smell of rice wafts through the whole village, and every family gets together happily to start a wonderful life for the year.The first day of the New Year is a wonderful start to the year.We all need to give ourselves a good start to the New Year.Make a good wish for a good year at a good beginning, and wish each of us a good wish in the New Year.