Kemiya: Keep an eye on it

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Peskov stressed that this is a cautionary message.Russian Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said on Monday (local time) that although Moscow has no plans to hold talks with Kiev at present, it is a topic of great concern.Mr. Peskov said there was a dangerous concentration of Ukrainian armed forces near the contact line that could lead to provocations.The Russians took note of the information that there was an exchange of fire along the contact line and that it was the Ukrainians who fired first.Peskov stressed that this is a cautionary message.Russia wants western countries to use their influence to warn Kiev not to escalate the situation.Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said Thursday that Russia does not accept the accusation that it has deployed troops on its territory.Peskov said Russia will not accept accusations by the United States and other countries that it is massing troops on its territory and is not ready to discuss the issue with any country.Because it is Russia’s sovereign right.Earlier, Western media reported that Russia was continuing to send 7,000 more troops to the border with Ukraine.Source: CCTV news client China Media Group Mandarin Global Program Center new media producer/Hou Jingshu editor/Yang Junjun editor/Guo Ran END of the wonderful world in the grasp of continuous attention!