Double color ball 2022014 drawing, the first prize out of 7 bets, the total prize pool 1.544 billion

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Life is not a rehearsal, just like we buy lottery numbers, after the machine, bought the number, who can not be changed, two-color ball 2022014 lottery numbers have come out, this is the second phase of the two-color ball lottery after the Spring Festival, the total of more than 1.5 billion prize pool, I believe it will attract a lot of attention of lottery friends,Next xiaobian and friends together to take a look at the specific situation of the double color ball lottery, see if luck has quietly come to your side.The numbers issued by the bicolor 2022014 are: 06, 07, 13, 14, 15, 27+04. The odd-even ratio of red balls is 4:2, with odd numbers accounting for the majority.The size ratio is 1:5, the majority of small;One group ending with 07 and 27;Redball 07 is a repeat of the previous issue.There is a group of 2 consecutive numbers 06 and 07;A group of three numbers 13, 14 and 15;This is also the fourth consecutive issue of the double color ball out of the number, this issue is the double number plus three consecutive number combination, and this combination mode in 2022012 also opened.The blue ball out of the back is small 04, the blue ball back to the small area.In 2022014, 7 bets of the first prize will be issued, with a bonus of RMB 7,794,467 for each bet;The second prize is 469 bets, with a bonus of 52,135 YUAN per bet;The first prize in the region are: Hebei 1 note, Liaoning 1 note, Shanghai 1 note, Zhejiang 1 note, Anhui 1 note, Fujian 1 note, Guangxi 1 note, by the end of this period, the total amount of the two-color ball prize pool 1.544 billion yuan.2022014 has become the past, but hope is always ahead, belong to you, will turn a corner to find you again, after understanding the winning situation of 2022014, we should also make early plans to prepare for the next phase of the bicolor selection, the following is to share a small series for the trend of 2022015 bicolor some views,I hope to be helpful for the next phase of the bicolor selection of friends.First of all, after four consecutive periods of more than even number, I believe that many lottery friends have no confidence in the form of the red ball, but for the 2022015 phase of the bicolor, although the chances of continuing more than even number is not large, but also to prevent the form of double number.Secondly, through the trend of these periods, we can see that the number of small area has obviously recovered after the Spring Festival, and we believe that the momentum of the small wave can continue to go for several periods, so the red ball of the 2022015 two-color ball will continue to be optimistic about the small, and the small will probably open 3 or more.Third, after two consecutive periods of weakness, the number of the second district finally rebounded in 2022014, but can this momentum continue to 2022015?The second area, is also the middle area, for the selection of this area has been troubling a lot of lottery friends, xiaobian think the next phase of the second area number will not be hot, but there will be no break, the probability of 1 to 2 numbers, and the probability of concentration in the first and last part of the second area.This article is only a personal point of view, not as a basis for the purchase of color, I hope friends do what one can, do not invest too much.Here I also wish my friends three meals, four seasons, gentle and interesting in the New Year!Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.At the same time, I also hope that friends rational purchase color, enjoy life!Hope friends move your lucky fingers, like, attention, favorites and forward, thank you for your support, lottery friends, what do you think of the recent two issues of bicolor?Welcome to leave a message to discuss, let us open brains together, leave your valuable opinion, everyone firewood flame high, collision a lucky spark, realize their dreams!