Three mature light novels, the reader of the right eye, instantly love this style

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Hello, I am Cang Yiwei.Today I recommend three mature light novels to you.”From a person began to refine a legendary legendary insect into immortal”, biological engineering, 650 thousand words, serial.Introduce: factitious the spirit of all things, legendary venomous insect is heaven and earth true essence!Royal insect, control a legendary legendary insect, lian day, into the road!Boundless million bound, nothing is not a legendary vena, nothing can not be refined!From the Young out of Miao Xinjiang, all over the sky, refining a legendary venomous venomous, into honour, into the way!The first world is a long one, so bear with me.The first world: Under one man…Highlights: Miao Jiang, Moon Mountain, black Miao Department holy land.The heritage of Miao Xinjiang has a long history, among which the ancestors of Chi clan can even be traced back to chiyou, the demon god, who was the Lord of Jiuli in ancient times.”Qi Xiang wine worms can concentrate real yuan, and if you convert them into real yuan, they can assist in creating qi and make it more concentrated.Jin Silkworm can let the host poison not invade, and what is the king of a legendary venomous insect, really big tone;Bingmusyugu can transform the body, will transform itself into the body of the same name, a look is very powerful.With only one embryo, qijue gu can rank three with other insects, and it is estimated that it will be far more than three stars after maturity.Only this meteorite unripe gu…””Be!”Voice just fell, a white jade like crystal clear worm will appear in the palm of Chi Yao.Who’s Not a Yogi anymore, Golden Jasmine, 610,000 words, in the making.Introduce: passed through a fantasy world, however — the practitioner that has advanced thought people just ended the old practice that entered dusk already with the war of a protracted period of time.Gone are the days of imperial power oppression, and gone are the days of lofty practitioners. This is a new era of widespread practice and full of vitality.Welcome to the dawn of a new era.Who is not a practitioner these days?Highlight: As Chen Shu gradually regained his strength and control over his body, he sat up with difficulty and tried to open his mouth. He immediately complained to Ning Qing, “Is there anyone like you?I brought you candy and you –“The words did not finish.Only Chen Shu leaned forward to NingQing sat on the bench, it is the most brilliant youth age, even if sitting, lithe and graceful girth curve is also very identifiable, and her hand Chen Shu coat, another hand holding a needle and thread, her skin is white, no flaws, in early summer sun is bright, is extremely delicate facial feature also, pinched her thin lips, small because of her,All eyes are serious.The picture is quiet Chen Shu can not bear to disturb.The Behind-the-scenes Wizard from the Twin Cities, autistic delight, 570,000 words, in the making.Introduce: The prosperity of Pilotwo fu floats at the surface, the barren sentient beings of Zu an all suffer.Men of the Twin cities, join Knoxus, and I will lead you to the light!Ryan Meredith’s League of Legends fanfiction, a story about empire, starting with Zuan and Piltwolf.To the west, to The East, to Ionia, to the north, to Fredrod, to the south…The empire has risen!This book is also known as: “Heroic Testimony and Triumph”, “The Way of The Gods of Noxas”, “The Four Souls of the Trifali Council chief”.Best clip: “General Kekhal, is she your choice?”In a military account stained with the spirit of solemn slaughter, among a crowd of iron-clad soldiers, two men looked out of place.One is the newly voiced Ryan, dressed in blue and white, who looks more like a visiting aristocrat than a soldier in battle.He was looking critically at the young girl entering the camp, her wine-red hair, her fine figure concealed only by black leather, her icy face determined.”Don Meredith, KATarina has been trained by me. She is more than capable of this task.Infiltrate the camp and kill Demetrius.”Writing is not easy, and to do and cherish.My name is Cang Yiwei. I bring salt for “The Whispering of Cang shi”.Welcome to Book Review Land.