Some sections of Shanghai Metro Line 5 and Line 6 were shut down for rectification to ensure safer and smoother operation after the holiday. Intelligent welding robot assisted tunnel maintenance

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Some sections of Shanghai metro Line 5 and Line 6 have been suspended to ensure safer and smooth operation after the New Year holiday, and intelligent welding robots help tunnel repair.Reporter Zhang Yicheng photograph (reporter Zhang Xiaoming correspondent Li Jicheng) yesterday is the lunar year of the tiger on the third day of the first month, Shanghai rail transit line 6 near the eastern sports center station section of the upper line of the interval, tunnel renovation and maintenance projects are hot in progress.Project manager Wang Yi told reporters that this year with the large-scale joining of intelligent welding robots, so that the maintenance work like a tiger added wings, greatly speeding up the progress of the project.The health of the tunnel, which serves as a passageway for subway trains, has been closely monitored.Affected by the increase of operating years and the change of external environment, the tunnel structure of the section from Gaoqing Road station to East Sports Center Station of Line 6 has been deformed, so it is necessary to stop operation and focus on rectification to eliminate potential safety hazards.”After investigation, there are a total of 99 rings that need to be remedied due to excessive deformation.”Wang Yi introduced that due to deformation, the original circular tunnel structure gradually to the oval development.To this end, grouting was carried out to restore the tunnel to a safe zone, while a circular steel lining was installed inside the tunnel to reinforce the grouting effect.”It’s like putting a hoop on the tunnel to prevent it from becoming an oval shape and ensure structural safety.”It is worth mentioning that intelligent welding robots are used on a large scale in the construction of Line 6.Compared with the traditional manual welding, the welding robot only takes 15 minutes to construct the bottom welding seam, and 25 minutes to construct the top welding seam, and the quality is also higher than manual welding.According to the introduction, this intelligent welding robot fixed point coverage range up to 6 meters, and equipped with laser position seeking system, to achieve real-time welding gun attitude adjustment, multi-layer multi-channel automatic welding and other complex operations;The motion mechanism of auxiliary arm can rotate 270°, which is more suitable for welding of transverse joints of steel ring reinforcement in tunnel.In the welding process, the harmful gas will be collected by itself to ensure the construction environment.It is reported that from zero o ‘clock on the first day of the first month of the Year of the Tiger, some sections of the rail transit line 5 and Line 6 were suspended and began to focus on rectification, ending in the early morning of the seventh day to ensure the normal operation of the first working day after the Spring Festival.(Zhang Xiaoming)