Peony Flower exhibition botanical Garden, outdoor peach also contend for spring

2022-04-30 0 By

On the second day of the New Year, wuhan Botanical Garden “National color tianxiang” Spring Festival peony flower exhibition attracted many visitors to stop and appreciate, 1500 peony through the means of anti-season flower rush to achieve flowering regulation, a flower king charm, add color to the Spring Festival add fragrance.The display includes more than 30 rare varieties at home and abroad, covering nine colors and ten flower types of peony.At present, early flower varieties “Luoyang Red”, “Imperial concubine inserted cui”, “fragrant jade”, “Moon Palace candle fire” and “eight thousand generation toon” have blossomed.The New Year peony Show runs from Jan 31 to Feb 20 for 21 days.On both sides of the main road in the park, more than 100 POTS of peach blossom blossom in the rain, adding to the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival holiday.(Photo report by Miao Jian, reporter of Changjiang Daily, correspondent Chen Changli) For more exciting content, please download “Dawuhan” client in each major application market.