Evergrande “supermarket” is about to open, the first team is afraid of collective departure, three hot players can take the CSL maximum salary

2022-04-30 0 By

As the Chinese Super League hegemony, Guangzhou Evergrande every move will attract many fans.Not long ago, they made another big decision, only this time one that could take them from title contenders to relegation losers overnight.To reduce the pressure on clubs to operate, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) is preparing to implement further salary restrictions in 2022, with players’ maximum salaries strictly capped at 3 million yuan.Guangzhou Evergrande is also actively responding to the policy, but their approach is more extreme.According to internal evergrande documents leaked online, the player’s maximum salary was directly capped at 600,000 yuan, a fifth of the amount set by the FOOTBALL association.The news is a huge blow to the players of Guangzhou Evergrande, as their annual salary of 600,000 yuan, which was probably a fraction of their salary before, has now become the highest in the team.Without the “blood transfusion” of the parent company behind Guangzhou Evergrande, guangzhou Evergrande became completely broke. In order to keep the club going, they had to drastically limit the salary of their players to reduce the investment of the team.With such a salary, it may be difficult to retain good players, so guangzhou Evergrande’s first-team international players may leave soon.Some of these players, who have represented China in the last 12 matches, are expected to be the hottest players in the transfer market, attracting bids from many clubs.In evergrande team, the most popular player is undoubtedly jiang Guangtai, a naturalized player on the defensive line. Anyone can see that he is the strongest central defender in Chinese football at this stage. If we win him, the defensive line strength of the team will be greatly strengthened.And Jiang Guangtai can also be naturalized as a player to sign up, do not occupy the quota of foreign aid, which for those who are aiming at the championship team, is also a huge good.The second is a defender, that is zhang Linpeng, who has fought in many competitions for the National football team.Zhang Linpeng can be said to be a versatile backcourt, he can play both centre-back and full-back, and have a good performance.With his strength, he is an absolute main force in any Chinese super league team, and the maximum salary of 3 million yuan is certainly not a problem.In addition, wei Shihao on the front line, is also a superior strength of a player, he played against Japan and Vietnam in the round of 12 matches were a substitute, can be counted as one of the few bright spots.So if he were to leave, there would certainly be competition from multiple teams, and the salary would naturally reach the Max.In addition, yan Dinghao, Gao Zhuoyi, Yang Liyu, Liu Dianzuo, Zhang Xiuwei, He Chao, Li Xuepeng, Deng Hanwen, Mei Fang, who have been selected to the National football team, must not accept the maximum salary of 600,000 yuan, so they are afraid that they will leave collectively, looking for a new employer.The new season of Guangzhou Evergrande will have to use the young players of U23 or even U21 to compete in the Chinese Super League.If this is the case, I’m afraid Guangzhou Evergrande will lock a relegation quota in advance.