You don’t have to understand math, but you have to understand these mathematical ideas

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When you listen to math, you may feel that it is your own nightmare. Of course, I have been teaching math for many years before I really understand why everyone has to learn math.However, I haven’t figured it out in the ten or twenty years of study. Today, I find the real meaning of learning mathematics.And I think everyone has the necessity and significance to learn math.In fact, learning mathematics is not to become a mathematician, but to develop our mathematical thinking.Mathematical thinking allows us to look at problems from a fundamental point of view. It can also help us make some right and difficult choices.Today I summed up some of our math thinking in the math textbook, how to apply to our body?1. Exponential Thinking There is a book called Exponential Organization that says that if you start a business with linear thinking, you will end up in failure.The world’s top 100 companies have only emerged in the last decade. Why did few of them survive in the past and create exponential organizations?So what is exponential thinking?It’s a slow start, but once the momentum builds up, the end result is unstoppable.For example, when we started to use wechat, the number of people was very small. However, when we saw that some people could be heard by sending a word, and they could also have video chat, more and more people started to use wechat, and everyone began to think that this was a trend.Nowadays, wechat has become a necessity in our life, so the growth of wechat is an exponential organizational model.Therefore, an exponential organization is an organization that, with the help of rapidly developing technologies, expands its influence disproportionately compared with its peers.There are a lot of examples of exponential thinking in our lives. For example, there are a lot of people who say to me, “Why do you read so fast and tell a book so well?”What I want to say is that I was also very slow at the beginning of reading. Maybe I had to repeat a sentence for many times to understand it, and I had to repeat a book for several times to understand it repeatedly. So I was very slow at the beginning of reading.However, I store the knowledge after each reading in my brain or on strips of paper, so that I can understand the same content more quickly when I read more books. When I read more books, I find that the content in many books is repetitive, and I just need to master the different parts of myself.In other words, the last book I read just serves as an understanding book for the next one, so naturally I will read faster and faster. Therefore, you can see that MY reading also satisfies exponential accumulation.Many people say they don’t know whether to settle down and build their skills, but make little or no money or do repetitive jobs that currently pay well?My answer is that you have to see if it fits with your exponential mindset, where you do something over and over again, and the more you do it, the more you get paid, and the less you do it, the less you get paid, which is the linear mindset of most people.But when you start to calm down now, when you’re at your most energetic, and do something that increases your future earnings exponentially, you’ll never regret that choice.2. Axiomatic thinking There are a lot of theorems in mathematical geometry, but why do you find so many conclusions? Why do some of them tell us directly, while others need to be proved before they can be used?In fact, Euclid mentioned in geometry elements that there are eight axioms in mathematics, which can be used directly without proof, but all other theorems are derived from these eight axioms using pure logical reasoning.From these eight theorems, we can derive many theorems we know, such as: the sum of the angles of a triangle is 180 and there is only one and only one line that is parallel to the known line.The two lines are parallel and the interior alternate angles are equal.If we compare the axiom system to a big tree, then the axiom is actually the root of the tree.By analogy to our own lives, you will find that axioms are similar to the ethos of a family, or the vision, values and so on of a company.If a company doesn’t follow its own goals, it’s disorganized and doesn’t know where it starts and where it ends.Company boss energy are constantly make decisions every day, constantly adjust direction, may play the east market, today again in a few days to change ideas, decided to attack from another direction, in fact this is a typical lack of overall guiding thought, and the lack of the company’s rules and regulations, work process, decision-making behavior and your values and mission.At this point, you need to establish your axiomatic thinking model. You need to fix it and build the axiomatic system of your company step by step.As an individual, if you don’t know what you want to do, what your mission in life is, you might focus on one direction this year, but next year you might switch tracks and be in a different area for years in a row, and not be more precise in any area.At this time you might as well calm down and think about what you need to do?What do you really want to do?Instead of thinking about busy all the time, this will only let their heart for the future more confused.In junior middle school, we began to introduce negative numbers from positive numbers in primary school, from rational numbers to irrational numbers, and gradually from algebra in junior high school to vectors in senior high school. You will find that these numbers have a common characteristic that is directivity.How useful is this knowledge that numbers are directional in our lives?For example, if you walk 300 meters east and then 300 meters west, you walk out and then you walk back to the same place without moving at all.It’s like working in a company, where two people have the same ability, and when they cooperate, both of them push in the same direction, forming a resultant force, this is the best result.And if, instead of pushing in one direction, their abilities are tied to each other, it might be better to leave it entirely to one of them.So in our life, sometimes the choice is more important than the effort, only you know which direction to work hard, step by step to reach the distance you want to go, if you always work in the opposite direction to their own, will only make themselves and their goals are very different.So at this point, it’s not the net force we want, it’s the right direction.Even when boys and girls make friends with each other now, it is worth thinking whether the three views of two people are the same. You thought reading books every day is a meaningful thing, but in the eyes of the other person, he understands that you are so unromantic?You want to make use of spare time to do a few part-time jobs, play their hobbies, but the other party has been attacking you doubt that you do not have this strength, perhaps meet so with their direction inconsistent person, simply don’t let it be worth while.The above three are my deep feelings after teaching several points of view, I hope you have a new understanding of mathematics, but also a new understanding.You don’t have to be able to solve math problems. You don’t have to memorize all the formulas. You don’t have to score perfect on a math test.