The “beautiful Luoding” north nearest village: the nearest water township can be beautiful with ancient charm and new scenery

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The north nearest village is located in the south of Shengjiang town, just like the nearest lingnan water township. The dwellings in the village can be built along the river, and the villagers can live in the nearest river.Ancient Wells, trees, Bridges, rivers and paths crisscross the countryside, creating a beautiful new picture of the countryside.In the north nearest village, the nearest can village will focus on creating a local rural leisure tourism route of “picking lychee, visiting scenic spots, and tasting delicious food” centering on the abundant village ecological and cultural tourism resources.The village grows litchi all over the mountains and fields, with cinnamon flavor, glutinous rice paste, concubine xiao and other varieties as written by Tan Ying in qing Dynasty “Lingnan Litchi ci” : Rice-paddy fields surrounded by ten liji, litchi is planted on the edge of the field.Source | luoding media center Luo certain today