The US has used this tactic very badly, launching two unusual satellites, and Russia and China are involved

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In recent years, China has been developing rapidly in various fields, and has made many achievements in space, which many countries tend to ignore.China is actively developing the space sector, exploring sustainable development of mankind, and utilizing space resources for the benefit of mankind, which is not good in the eyes of the United States.Compared with the United States, China is not early in the space field, but through unremitting efforts, China has been ahead of the United States in many aspects.In the eyes of the United States, if other countries develop better than them, they will be threatened, hyping up the Threat of China on earth, and also hyping up the threat of China in space.The US has a habit of viewing other countries’ actions from its own narrow perspective.China’s development in the space field is very fast, and many foreign netizens even joke that China’s satellite launch is just like eating dumplings. The United States is not happy to hear that, but has also started to focus on scientific research and satellite development.Just a few days ago, the United States launched two space-aware satellites, but the launch of these satellites was downplayed, and there is little information about the newly launched satellites, which is somewhat paradoxical.Sure enough, if anything goes wrong, the satellite can still be spotted on other MEDIA sites in the United States, despite official us websites being secretive about it.It turns out that the two new satellites launched by the U.S. are not ordinary satellites, but satellites that can collect information on specific targets.The two satellites were the last of four of the six planned to be launched by the United States, completing its Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program, or GSSAP.The GSSAP project was once classified as highly classified by the United States, but according to Russian discovery reports, the satellites were active in geosynchronous orbit, making hundreds of maneuvers and even coming close to Russian and Chinese satellites on several occasions.Even more shocking was the data showing that GSSAP had made close observations of eight foreign satellites over a two-and-a-half year period from 2016 to mid-2018.The Pentagon has no shame in claiming that it is protecting America’s space assets from adversaries in space.They talk about protecting themselves, but in fact they want to better monitor China and Russia in space.However, in order for THE U.S. GSSAP satellite to monitor other satellites, it needs to be as close as possible to the object being monitored, which makes collision behaviors more likely.What’s more, with the progress of science and technology, more and more countries are developing and exploring space, so the space junk is also more and more. Not long ago, The Chinese satellite and the Russian satellite debris narrowly missed, very dangerous.If the United States does not change its attitude, it may play itself into it one day.(green) of dill