Should I choose double majors or double degrees for undergraduate study abroad?

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Have you ever been stuck in a dilemma at the crossroads of elective courses?Some students suddenly realize that they have a favorite major after the first academic year, but they are reluctant to give up the gpa of the major they taught before.What can be done?Students: Do you know that there are double degrees?I firmly believe that the vast majority of students are clear, but the most tragic thing is that the vast majority of people have an impression on this word, have basic cognitive ability, but still silly not clear, so after selection, a lot of extra oolong tea.Therefore, the teacher today would like to emphasize the difference between these two proper nouns!First of all, let’s make clear what is “double major” and “double major”.These are two very different definitions!A double degree is a combination of two degrees and a master’s degree.In Australia, for example, students with dual undergraduate degrees can obtain two bachelor’s degrees at the same time after graduation.Australian undergraduate courses are basically dominated by three years, with a total of 24 courses, including basic courses, basic courses and elective courses.People generally choose majors according to their own interests and hobbies, and they can graduate from college after finishing their gpa.But if top students feel that single fix a azimuth is very easy, and oneself are interested in other azimuth course content, it is ok to apply for dealing with double degree drop.Australian university double degree is 4 years, 32 courses content, students graduated from university with 2 bachelor’s degree certificates.There will be no increase in the number of courses, with some overlap between the basic courses, followed by the elimination of most electives.For example, students A chose the double major of finance and law and regulation. There are basically 16 courses in each of the two courses, 8 basic courses and 8 basic courses respectively. There are no elective courses or a few basic courses when the basic courses overlap.This also refers to two major areas under a bachelor’s degree. For example, students A obtained a double major certificate in finance and Financial Accounting with a business degree.The student receives a diploma, but the diploma indicates that the student has two majors.The above situation is that two bachelor’s degrees or majors in the same school, so which schools do students have to choose?The following teachers strongly recommend two schools for you: Australian National University (ANU), the no.1 university in Australia, which is located in Canberra, the capital of Beijing, with suitable natural environment and learning atmosphere.Australian universities will have a certain number of double degrees for students to choose, the interesting national university depends on students can choose at will 2 bachelor’s degrees to carry out the package.It gives students greater subjectivity.Admission requirements: 70% of the total score (750100 points, that is, 525 points) IELTS 6.5 can enter the double degree at the beginning.If the examination of the college entrance examination is not ideal or it is high 2 university graduate also need not be impatient, can enter university prep study to groom, think of an exam only must 6.0 minutes.Some students will continue to ask: what are the advantages of double majors?Authoritative expert makes clear: if everybody is indecisive to some 2 major, do not unite with idea of mom and dad, go to Australia to go abroad read grind to choose double major to be able to assist student acme to deal with this problem.A three-year undergraduate program in Australia generally allows students to take one major and two minor or double major courses.Double major minor is not shown on the diploma.Choose content of course of double major still can undertake university undergraduate course 3 years, cost won’t change, the student can choose two kinds of azimuth to carry out study to groom, these two majors are set course content in same department commonly, basic course has very big overlap, study 2 azimuth in 2 years later ok.Such as finance and financial accounting double major.What are the advantages of that approach?Choose double major, cost will not change, time to maintain 3 years, the direction of employment will be more and more spacious.The University of Western Australia, one of the eight universities in Australia, is located in the beautiful city of Perth, the capital of Western Australia province.The advantages of dual majors in this university depend on the unlimited department, that is, students can choose to study one major of financial accounting, and the other major of science and engineering.It is especially suitable for students who are knowledgeable or have some differences from their parents’ suggestions.Admission requirements: 70% (750100 points, i.e. 525 points) ielts 6.5 points can be enrolled in the freshman year.High school seniors and sophomores who are not satisfied with their gaokao scores or who do not have gaokao scores can choose college preparatory courses or convenient freshman courses.To learn more