The forbidden!Since March 1, tiaoxi and beijing-Hangzhou grand Canal main stream implementation of a year-round ban on fishing

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January 25, 2022, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a “notice on the implementation of the qiantang River, oujiang river, Jiaojiang, Yongjiang, Tiaoxi River, Canal, Feiyun River, Aojiang and other eight river basins ban fishing period system”, decided to implement since March 1 this year.The eight major river basins include: Qiantang River, oujiang River, Jiaojiang river, Yongjiang, Tiaoxi River, Canal, Feiyun River, Aojiang and other eight basins, involving 8 main streams and 64 tributaries, a total of more than 1030 kilometers.Among the eight major river systems, tiaoxi river and beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal have a year-round fishing ban, while other river systems have a uniform fishing ban from 0 on March 1 to 24 on June 30.This time, the eight major water system to implement a ban on recreational fishing except for all other operations.So what is recreational game fishing?We have seen in the river before, someone put a row of fishing rods line fishing is also regarded as recreational fishing?The answer is clearly not.The ban fishing in Zhejiang eight basins, involving Hangzhou has qiantang River, Beijing-Hangzhou grand Canal and Tiaoxi River three basins, Qiantang river fishing ban has been implemented for many years, and canal and Tiaoxi river implementation is a year-round ban on fishing.Hour news reporter from hangzhou Yuhang district bureau of agriculture and rural areas learned that the unit under the jurisdiction of tiaoxi, canal section of the river a total of 87.51 kilometers.The relevant person in charge said: “Our definition is one person below 2 rod fishing, only recreational fishing, fishing ban is coming, we will also unite with multiple departments in the area of Tiaoxi canal basin to carry out regular patrol law enforcement.”According to the regulations, those who violate the provisions of the fishing ban will be given administrative punishment by fishery departments at or above the county level according to laws and regulations.If the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility may be investigated for the crime of illegal fishing of aquatic products according to laws and regulations.The breeding season of major economic fish and dominant species in the eight basins of our province is mainly from March to June, and the implementation of the no-fishing period from March to June can protect the spawning parents and larvae and promote the increase of resource recruitment.However, there are still a certain number of fishing boats and livelihood fishermen in the eight major waters of our province, so it is not realistic to ban productive fishing all year round.For the comprehensive development of the tiaoxi river basin, the conditions are relatively mature, can take the lead in the implementation of year-round fishing ban, further conservation of resources.From the perspective of production safety, the main function of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is shipping, and the prohibition of fishery production in the Grand Canal is conducive to safety.In addition, vessels used for scientific research and for the purpose of expanding fishery can operate only with the approval of provincial fishery authorities in the closed fishing areas and during the closed fishing period.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.