A good anger!Hunan a property security guard captured drug dealers

2022-04-28 0 By

At the end of 2021, hunan Shaoyang Shuangqing District Dongfeng Road street business district of a property security Xie is conducting a daily patrol.When the patrol to the underground garage, found that one of the parking space is not flameout private electric car.Because the window is not closed, Xie mou clearly saw the cab of the car sitting a look abnormal male, and the window floating out a light obviously different from other tastes of incense.With years of security professional smell, Xie noticed that there must be a problem in the car.So forward to ask if you need help, as expected, the car did not answer the question, and immediately ready to leave the gear.Xie and the car personnel to deal with while calling security personnel Zhao to the negative 1 floor to help, Zhao arrived and Xie two people together to control the man.After xie control the man, and call the 110 phone alarm, patrol officers arrived on the scene after the personnel found 35 grams of drugs, and in the car found self-made drug tools and control of a knife, after the Dongfeng Road police station police suspects with police station interrogation.Through the interrogation, it was learned that the man was a drug trafficker with a criminal record. The parking lot surveillance found that another accomplice secretly discovered the situation and fled the scene.Via dongfeng road police station layers upon layers of detection, recently another fugitive drug trafficking personnel arrested successfully.At this point, the case was successfully solved.Recently, shuangqing district Dongfenglu street office to two actively participate in the anti-drug work of personnel to reward, and security personnel Xie and Zhao to capture drug dealers, in the face of danger is still standing up for the brave behavior of appreciation and sympathy.Since 2021, under the unified deployment of shuangqing District Committee and government and the careful guidance of Shuangqing District Drug Control Office, Dongfenglu Street of Shuangqing District has steadily promoted the anti-drug action, persisted in the fight against and control, and innovated the characteristic help publicity.Streets with “six” as the carrier, has conducted a diversity of anti-drug campaigns, anti-drug publicity material of more than 10000 copies, especially in the special action to carry out anti-drug crucial, joint street police station of drug-related crime crackdown, investigated 96 drug-related object, criminal detention of 23 people, compulsory isolation detoxification, 67, 5 to crack down on drug den.The drug control work has achieved good results, the drug situation in the area has improved significantly, and residents’ awareness of drug identification, prevention and resistance has been constantly enhanced, and the atmosphere of nationwide drug control is strong.(Source: Hunan Anti-narcotics)