Yesterday, today and tomorrow of Toumen Port

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2013.12 Toumen Port New Area of Linhai was established;Zhejiang Toumen Port Economic Development Zone was approved by the provincial government for establishment.Toumen Port Economic And Technological Development Zone will be upgraded to a state-level economic and technological Development Zone, named Taizhou Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone;Taizhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone is approved.(Wang Xiaoqing/Photo) The horn of construction blew this hot land, and the integrated development of Hong Kong, industry, city and bay.With two state-level open platforms, Toumen Port Economic Development Zone will surely embrace greater development opportunities.(file photo) let us into the living on this land of people see what they have to change over the years of deep feeling and good vision # head door community residents And blue # are mud before, now how many good cement floor, eating aspect also has the very big change, in the morning and evening before didn’t eat, now all around tall, eat what is good,Living conditions are the best now.I am 55 years old this year, usually play a small job, take my niece, every day is very happy, I hope our community’s future development is getting better and better.Chen Haihua, resident of Toumen Community # Before we lived on toumen island, it was difficult to buy complete supplies, we had to take a boat (to land) to buy daily supplies, it took half a day, now it takes about 10 minutes to buy vegetables and go back and back.In the past, there was nothing like a clinic, and it took at least a day to go back and forth to the boat. Now, the clinic nearby can go home in half an hour.2 years ago, Linhai Ruiren Automobile parts Co., Ltd. introduced a number of intelligent robots, compared with the traditional manual workshop before, the robot workshop not only liberated the workers’ hands, but also directly increased production by 1.5 times, greatly improving the company’s economic benefits.I’m Pan Bingqiang, an employee of Linhai Ruiren Auto Parts Co., LTD. I’m from Tongwei County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province. I’ve worked here for 4 years.When I came here, there were dirt roads nearby. Now there are asphalt roads, industrial areas, all built up.Like our company, there was no canteen in the past, but now there are canteen, supermarket and air conditioning in the staff dormitory.In the past, orders could be delivered from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m., but now they can be delivered in seven to eight hours with the introduction of app smart robots.I hope the future will be better and better, the employees will work more and more easily, the economic benefits of the company will be better and better, and the wages of the employees will be higher and higher.The Master said, “To learn and to repeat in time is not to say…”Education is the cornerstone of a city’s development.In September 2017, Linhai Zhishang Primary School’s Toumengang Campus officially opened with only 93 students in 3 classes.Today, the school has 23 classes with 887 students.Standing here, I can hear the sound of children reading and see the future of Toumen Port.(Photo by Sun Jinbiao, reporter of Our Newspaper) Wang Caiqin, teacher of Tou Men Port School of Zhishang Primary School, Linhai, 4 years ago) The gate of the wall here was not finished. There were piles of building materials in the school. Outside the school, it was dark with no street lamps and a lot of flies and mosquitoes.Now, the surrounding environment of the school has taken on a new look, and the infrastructure has been constantly improved.In 2017, 93 students from seven ethnic groups from 16 provinces and cities were enrolled in the first batch, many of whom had never attended kindergarten.Through these years of education, we now like reading, love sports, and especially polite.Next, I will speed up my own pace of learning, so that I have enough ability to lead students to grow.The port is the pulse of Toumen Port Economic Development Zone, as the hub of land and sea conversion, plays a vital role in the development of this area.In December 2014, Taizhou Port opened its linhai Toumen Port area with a throughput of less than one million tons.With the development of these years, the scale of the terminal has been expanding, and the throughput has exceeded 6 million tons, making an important contribution to the economic development of the Bay Area.(Sun Jinbiao/Photo) Zhang Ganyu, an employee of Zhejiang Toumen Port Service Co., LTD.Two years of work, the biggest change of the port is more information, the scale has become more grand, the personnel has become more and more, the port agglomeration effect, scale effect has become more prominent.I look forward to the future of Toumen Port, with a larger port scale, busier ships entering and leaving the port, more orderly production operations and a higher happiness index of the people.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: