Xuzhou was praised by “Guo Degang” of delicious food, not washed, not pickled directly baked, no matter how dirty also delicious

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When it comes to barbecue, many people will think of northeast China and Xinjiang. However, when it comes to shish kebab, in the minds of many foodies, only Xinjiang is the most authentic. In fact, in addition to Xinjiang, Xuzhou shish kebab also tastes very good.And Guo Degang teacher once said that “mutton skewers from Xuzhou”, this evaluation is quite high.So today I would like to share with you a fly restaurant in Xuzhou. Their family has been making lamb kebabs for 17 years, and it has been in the same factory, but the business is very good.The opening of this shop has a special significance, that is, the owner’s son was born in the year they opened this shop, so the son is now 17 years old, this shop in Xuzhou has a history of 17 years.This time is not a special point for outsiders, but for the boss and children, it is a very meaningful thing.But inside the plant to open shop, the environment and health need not elaborate, affirmation is not so good, but their home kebab is done very clean, because the store business is good, one day can sell a sheep, so their lamb is slaughtered, whether can guarantee quality and fresh degree, the boss said that in order to let the taste of mutton skewers better,He uses local goats.Boss said their mutton string are made of fresh mutton, dressed as skewers dipped in water directly after baking, although simple, but this kind of fresh mutton even if they don’t wash not to bloat directly, than ordinary mutton taste good, and had a mutton string with all of you to eat at ordinary times is different also, their mutton string is baked in turn by the two masters, not cooked,When it’s half-cooked, it goes to the guest’s table and you buy one with a little stove on the table.The purpose of this is to add to the customer’s experience, and the taste of the grilled mutton skewers will be better.There is their home a little lamb before baking is not preserved, so both spicy and cumin flavor, are joining in the process of examination, it need more customers according to their own taste to adjust the smell of mutton string, which means the family the taste of mutton string each table is different, but it is the most suitable for the taste of the customer.In addition, the way of eating mutton skewers in Xuzhou is different from what we usually see. Some of them will eat mutton wrapped in minced meat, which is also a unique local way of eating.But the boss said that their house is the sign of kidney, do taste really good, and the oil above the kidney are used in crude oil, so it will be very fragrant, especially wrapped in luo mo to eat, not only have the flour smell, but also have the meat smell, the taste is indescribable with language.This also fully illustrates a problem, no matter the environment of a barbecue restaurant is good or not, as long as it tastes good, it will think more about problems from the perspective of customers, then his business will be very good, and customers will not care about whether it is dirty or not.