Too scary!Nearly dying in your sleep, that’s what most people do!

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Do you know that the last thing you do before going to bed is play with your phone and put it in bed to charge it?Does mobile phone charging cable continue to use if it is unglued?This habit can lead to serious consequences!On February 7, 2022, 08 53 points in yulin city fire rescue team command center received a report to the police: yulin city north flow city chengdong, a row house fire in all the way called the local fire department rushed to the scene fighting fire rescue workers arrived at the scene investigation found that a fire in the houses of the second floor without personnel trapped commander immediately organize personnel from two water gun fire and seconded three fire rescueAid workers are searching because the houses burned substance is much space for furniture and other sundry small and ventilation is not good, resulting in a large number of smoke are stacked in the corridor there is a lot of dust in the air, can’t see the front view fire rescue workers immediately with exhaust equipment to assist the rescue after half an hour of nervous disposition was successfully put out the fire, said:”I was sleeping, but I felt like someone was calling me (when I noticed the fire). I went to the balcony, took a piece of clothing and dipped it in water (covering my nose) and ran down.”If again late consequences according to understand that the man is on the second floor tenants nephew aside was resting on the second floor of the mobile phone is charging but because the charger old, insulation layer falls off wire and bare wire short circuit after furniture brought about the happening of the fire ignition fortunately, the fire caused no casualties related cases on December 28, 012021,Yulin Bobai County Yingqiao town lianshan Village Shishan team 76 a house fire.According to the caller, the homeowner, whose mobile phone was charging on the nightstand, saw smoke coming from his bedroom in the yard, realized it was on fire, ran out of the house and called 119 for help. Fortunately, no one was hurt.022021 December 26, Jiangsu Yancheng Xiangshui county a house fire, firefighters immediately after arriving at the scene for disposal.It is understood that the phone was charging at the time of the incident when the phone charger suddenly ignited the bed.After the phone is fully charged, it is best to unplug the charger for a long time without unplugging the charger is easy to cause safety accidents at the same time, in the process of using the charger to timely observe once there is wire exposed or cracked must be replaced in time do not exist fluke psychology also do not lay the seeds of trouble for the diagram how to charge the phone safely?Stamp chart, learn together!Spread to remind more people around ~ source: Yulin Fire, Guangxi fire, Hubei fire, Guangzhou fire