Three fairy tales of the harem. I know what you want to read

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Many book fans often fall into the situation of book shortage, xiaobian also feel this situation.Today continue to introduce good novels to fans, follow xiaobian taste the sweetness of net text together, let fans see addicted friends do not sleep!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Short Book Review: Qin Yi once believed that people who cultivate immortals should be calm, have no desires, be patient, and stand temptation into a pitQin Yi suddenly remembered the country of Yelang, although the metaphor is not quite appropriate, can really have so little meaning.But what’s interesting is that such a place as Yelang has tassels.Thinking of this, he said with a smile: “The appearance of the Ming River is a wind and cloud, but the appearance of liu Su?”Tassel said lightly, “When I was here, there was no south departure.Poor…For many, many years.So it’s not that the tassel is there, it’s that the tassel is lucky to be near the tassel.”The tone is also some different from the ordinary, Qin Yi listened to but again the kind of dimension of the overlooking sense, that is like the distance like the Milky Way suspended.The calm of Ming River and the evil of tassel really come from the same essence, the overlook from the world.He pondered for a long time, suddenly ask: “since be alien, the speed of that night ling is innate?””It’s a gift.She was the devil zhang qi ling, so small age on the success of the shape, but also to escape from the chain demon array, this is her blood is different for the reason.It is a pity that the practice is out of order and disorderly. The means are all awakening based on my own talent. I haven’t learned anything at all.Otherwise, without mentioning blood lines, a transfigured monster would not have been nearly cut off by a mere wooden sword with magic.”(click on the below free reading) the second: “the phantom of the plane at large” author: pure brother sharp short book review: don’t want to bully colourful world through those guidelines are not a qualified through into the pit: day inverse looked at the processing of back behind the crowd leng leng stunned, he never imagined, with a small token of processing of front let st splashed out door basis points.Day inverse dull of looking at Yi feng, tone of voice in full horror of say: “how do you do?”The power of the Holy Father is beyond the control of the Holy land, and even if the elders of the Holy Land come, they cannot command any power of the holy Father.Although the holy land is the holy state of the holy Communion, it is detached from the holy communion.He cannot control any power in the divine world.They are like members of parliament, who have high status but no real power.The real power of the Holy Father is controlled by each branch of the Holy Father.This has led to infighting in which each sect sees itself as orthodox.Otherwise, with the comprehensive strength of shengzong, Jingyun Zong is not enough to look at.Yi Feng smiled a little and said, “Do not forget that you are the elite sent to the holy land by each sect.Among them unavoidably some person status is exalted, can easily mobilize a basic point.Not surprising.”Tianinverse was stunned, but immediately surprised: “Then why can you command so many points of separation?”You know, the sects were constantly at odds with each other, and if Yifeng belonged to one side, he certainly couldn’t command the other.(Click below to read for free) the third book: “Land key fairy” author: Six Such monk short book review: after the passage of a first beauty of the wife, bestie secretly contacted me, the female principal of my favor, the beauty of the teacher gave me the closest thing……Guide to the pit: after checking the bed, Zu ‘an suddenly noticed that there was a row of cabinets not far away. He went to open one and found that it was full of beautiful dresses, each of which was smooth in texture and exquisite in workmanship.And then the next one, again;Go ahead and open the third one, or…There were seven or eight large cabinets full of all kinds of beautiful clothes. Zu ‘an couldn’t help clucking her tongue. Indeed, there were many women’s clothes.Open the ninth cabinet, finally some different, Zu ‘an is suddenly red, the original inside neatly put a lot of intimate clothing.He hesitated as he thought of His task.”Calculate, the time to look for casually look for a shop to buy a new take to hand in.”There was no way he could have given his wife’s clothes to that guy Gilbert.He realized at once, however, that the women Gudentu had mentioned were not ordinary women, and that they could easily be spotted from a corner store.”Then use Cher’s!”Zu Ann recalled snow although as a servant girl, but wear is not bad, if not others will even think she is a daughter big miss.She tried to kill me, and she didn’t feel guilty about using hers for a job.Make up his mind, and then he ran to the room next door Snow searched up, Snow’s room cleaned up quite clean, Chu Chu Yan’s room can also find some romance novels such as black material, but she here in addition to occasionally scattered some fruits, unexpectedly can not find other items that can reveal personal interests and hobbies.(Click below to read for free) Three xianxia Haidian flow novels, people don’t say dark words, I know what you want to read today’s recommendation is here, if you are interested, please pay attention to xiaobian!Fans can comment in the comments area at the end of the article, xiaobian will always pay attention to your messages oh, looking forward to your comments ~ wonderful links in the past:Three top sky flow novels, the leading role in the decisive not kneeling female, no universe in the heart of the world three burst into laughter sand sculpture flow novels, good skin samey, interesting soul pick one or three west magic field cool text, do the ultimate secret of the Lord, obscene development, do not send waves