Safe Spring Festival Taojiang Fermented port police station to carry out fire safety inspection

2022-04-27 0 By

Police carry out fire safety checks.Police carry out fire safety checks.Rednet moment Yiyang January 28 news (correspondent Wang Pengzhou Xihui) The Spring Festival is approaching, in order to ensure that the area of the masses can celebrate a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival, January 26, 27, Taojiang County public Security Bureau Fermented port police station for two consecutive days to organize the police on the area of key units, crowded places for fire safety inspection.During the inspection, the police carried out a strict inspection on whether the stores operated without a license, whether the safety exit was smooth, and whether the fire equipment was intact and effective.In the inspection process, the police repeatedly emphasized the main responsibility of fire safety and the importance of safe production work to the person in charge of each unit, and for the inspection found that there are safety problems ordered the rectification on the spot.During the inspection, the police found a total of 12 security risks, issued 12 rectification notices, posted and distributed more than 100 copies of publicity materials.Through the fire safety inspection, further enhance the taojiang County Public Security Bureau Fermented port police station area of the masses of fire safety awareness, for the township people celebrate the Spring Festival to provide security.