Lianshui County “Four Focuses” to Create “Five Island samples” of Happy Rivers and lakes

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Recently, Lianshui County five island lake construction huaihe River basin happiness and Jiangsu provincial happiness river lake smoothly through the acceptance.Lianshui County to the acceptance of the new starting point, give full play to the river and lake long production, focus on doing a good job in water environment, water ecology, water culture, increase the effectiveness of the construction of the five island lake happy river and lake to use, sum up experience, do a good job of publicity and guidance from multiple angles, to create a happy river and lake let the people satisfied.First, pay attention to enhance cultural heritage and promote the integration of cultural and tourism development.The county fully excavates the rich cultural deposits of Lianshui since the Han and Tang Dynasties, creates landscape sketches, urban sculptures and other facilities, and builds micong Pavilion, Intangible cultural Heritage Museum, Nengren Temple, Tongle Hall, Qionghua Garden and museum exhibition area to highlight humanity, ecology, history and culture.Set in the taihu lake scenic area, fitness trails, ripple here.taking square, music square, honest cultural education promenade, improve the hydrophilic convenient facilities such as road, camping base, huai hai drama performances, occasional splash-ink painting and calligraphy masters, on a regular basis to the general public to the close nature, fitness entertainment, edify sentiment, the happiness of citizens and tourists and experience improved significantly.Through continuous efforts, wudao Lake has been built into a water-friendly and livable environment of “smooth river, clear water, green bank and beautiful scenery”, becoming a holiday resort and happy river and lake that everyone yearned for.In December 2016, Wudao Lake was approved as “National AAAA Level Tourist Attraction” by The National Tourism Administration.In 2017, it was rated as national Water Scenic Area by the Ministry of Water Resources.Second, pay attention to the innovation of systems and mechanisms, and devote to the targetization of river and lake management.It has established and improved a new mechanism for protecting rivers in accordance with the law, namely “river chief system + inspector system + observer system”, and promoted joint river and lake inspections, ecological restoration, and supervision over key issues to form a joint force for the protection of lake water environment and resources, thus providing a firm legal guarantee for river and lake governance and the operation of the river and lake chief system.According to the five long island lake lakes system implementation plan, clear water conservancy, ecological environment, living building, urban management, tourism and other departments and local government duty, refine management goal, and be included in the county high quality across the development, assessment index booster long members started in place of, to ensure the construction targets, construction scheme efficiently finished, with good quality to the five islands lake lake built in people’s satisfaction of happiness.Thirdly, pay attention to the green development of rivers and lakes and construct ecological environment of rivers and lakes.Through the implementation of water conservancy projects related to storage, drainage and drainage, the water system connectivity of Wudao Lake has been realized. Through the water replenishment channel, the wudao Lake has been replenished ecologically regularly to ensure the ecological water level of Wudao Lake and maintain the circulation of water.At the same time, biological purification measures have been adopted in key areas along the lake to reduce the concentration of pollutants in water and ensure the water quality of Wudao Lake.We will carry out diversion and pollution interception projects, improve the surrounding water systems of the Wudao Lake in a coordinated manner, strengthen supervision over the water quality and water environment of the lake, and resolutely prevent sewage from entering the lake.The strategy of “advancing on the island and retreating on the people” is implemented to build a pattern of five islands with four islands connected and one island facing each other, so that sunset Island, the habitat of egrets, can be isolated from the scenic spot, providing an excellent place for the survival and reproduction of egrets.Now, the island is rich in animal and plant species, with a green coverage rate of 100%. There are 137 species of trees in 51 families and 115 species of birds in 16 orders and 33 families, forming a unique ecosystem of the Five Islands Lake.The digital monitoring system of rivers and lakes has been established, and the wudao Lake has been inspected regularly by means of unmanned aerial vehicles, video surveillance and other means, so as to master the water quantity and quality of Wudao Lake in real time, and create a new pattern of data water control featuring “perceiving a network, a map of rivers and lakes, using a game of chess, solving problems and integrating ecological management”.Through the above comprehensive measures, the water environment and water ecology of Wudao Lake will be comprehensively improved, and the ecological resource advantages of Wudao Lake will be transformed into development advantages and economic advantages, which will become a model of green development and water management of Huai ‘an City, and create a bright city name card of Lianshui.Fourth, pay attention to improve the quality and efficiency of river and lake management to achieve long-term.According to the principle of integrated management, operation and maintenance, the cleaning personnel recruited by the county seat administration and cultural and tourism departments are integrated into the grid management team of the scenic spot by market means. According to the requirements of “fixed posts, fixed personnel and fixed responsibilities”, river and lake inspections are carried out.The scope and scope of management and conservation responsibilities are clearly defined. In the form of combining daily assessment and monthly assessment, big data information acquisition means are used to comprehensively evaluate the work performance of management and conservation personnel, rewarding the good and punishing the bad, forming a closed loop of work and constantly promoting the standardization, refinement and digitalization of river and lake management.At the same time, strengthening the management and protection publicity of wudao Lake, actively creating a strong atmosphere in which the whole people participate in supervision and water management, and promoting the new wind of civilization have played a significant role in promoting the protection of water environment, maintaining water ecological balance and building a happy river and lake with harmony between human and water.Please send a private letter or reply within 24 hours for submission and regional cooperation.Disclaimer: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.