Fried kidney is delicious there is a knack, a lot of people do wrong, no wonder fried kidney is fishy and old not delicious

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During the Chinese New Year, big fish big meat on table ceaseless, eat much meeting to feel too greasy, return stomach to increase burden, because this is now on table everyday small fry most welcome.It takes only a few minutes to serve. It tastes delicious and family loves it.Today, I would like to share a homemade stir-fry that my family likes very much.Pig waist, namely pig kidney, contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins and other nutrients, traditional Chinese medicine has been known as “shape to shape”, eating pig waist has the effect of kidney tonifying waist, and kidney regulating qi.Kidney flowers are fresh and refreshing, salty and mellow, smooth and not greasy, loved by people.However, kidney is a lot of people love and hate food materials, because the production of kidney is delicious, do not taste good, it is difficult to swallow the waste.Fried kidney flower delicious there is a knack, a lot of people are wrong, no wonder fried out fishy and old not delicious?Let’s see. First of all, we will tear off the white film on the surface of the pig’s waist, cut it open from the middle, and remove the white waist piece thoroughly.Then the oblique knife 45 degrees under the knife, cut to two-thirds of the place, and then change the direction of the vertical knife, cut the flower knife and then slice small pieces;Then put the pork loin pieces into the water with a high degree of white wine and soak for half an hour. Then add salt and other seasonings and mix them evenly and pickle them.The last thing to pay attention to is the stir-fry time, should not be too long, to avoid the waist fried old.This “agaric lettuce burst waist flower” with rice and wine to satisfy the greedy, my home every three or five must do, a few minutes can be on the table, specific practices to share with you, have time to try.Raw materials: kidney 2 lettuce 1 root of black fungus 1 small ginger garlic slice cooking wine 2 spoons light soy sauce 2 spoons of starch 1 spoon red pepper 1 oil salt appropriate production: 1.Prepare raw materials;2. Mix lettuce slices with a little salt and pickle them.3. Add a little salt, starch, cooking wine and light soy sauce and other seasonings to the kidney flower.4. Prepare the bowl juice: salt, starch, cooking wine, light soy sauce, ginger and garlic slices and appropriate amount of water mix well;5. Heat up the wok and add an appropriate amount of oil, add the preserved kidney flowers and fry them in the wok;6. Add marinated lettuce slices and softened black fungus and stir-fry twice;7. Pour in the bowl juice.8. After braising for two minutes, heat up and reduce the juice;9. Transfer to a plate and sprinkle with red pepper rings.Tips: 1. Remove the white ribs in the middle of the pork loin completely to avoid a fishy smell;2. Put the carved kidney into the water with white wine and soak it in the fishy;3. Add salt and other seasonings to the fishy kidney flower and mix well;4. Marinate the lettuce with a little salt for a crisper slice;5. To avoid stir-fried kidney, prepare the bowl juice in advance.