What is the theme song of the cartoon “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”?

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In the cartoon “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, the theme song is “Don’t Think I’m just a sheep”.This song is the theme song created by the famous Hong Kong musician invited for the animation pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, as for singing this song is Gu Qianmin.When the song was broadcast along with this series of cartoons, it soon became a classic children’s song in China, accompanying many children in their growth.As a famous composer in Hong Kong music circle, Koo Qianmin has created many good works for many years since her debut.Among them are Jacky Cheung’s “Ageless Legend” and “Dust”;Your Eyes Betray Your Heart by Cheng Zhongji;Dawn’s “Love Shadow Painting” and “Blue Street Light”;Su Yongkang’s “Time Will Tell”;Wang Jie’s “Black Joke”, “Some Changes”, “Can not Miss you” and so on.These songs were very popular at the time, and she was very popular with many fans.In addition, the stars she has cooperated with have very high comments on her and her works, especially the Creation of The Legend of Youth, which has directly won the Hong Kong IFPI list champion for 9 consecutive weeks, setting a legendary sales record in Hong Kong.For the vast majority of songwriters in Hong Kong at the time, she was not only their idol, but also their goal.