Sun Zhuo swim chimelong was met by chance, Sun Haiyang happy than good state, Sun Hui naughty too cute

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On February 14th, Sun Haiyang and his family left their hometown in Hubei province for Guangdong. Now they have arrived in Zhuhai. Sun Zhuo’s mother responded to netizens that they will go to Zhuhai Chimelong.On the morning of 15th, the Internet celebrity came across Sun Haiyang and his wife in Chimelong during the live broadcast.When sun and his wife were watching the show, Sun zhuo’s mother took out her mobile phone to take photos. Sun was grinning from ear to ear.The weather in Guangdong is much warmer than that in Hubei. The clothes they wear show that the weather is very good.Sun Haiyang in front of the camera, the fans asked where the three small only, Sun Haiyang said, they went to the front to play, with Sun Hui will not honestly watch the performance, must be pulling his brother and sister to play other projects.Sun Haiyang also bought a balloon for Sun Hui and stuck it on the back of Sun Hui’s clothes. At first glance, it looked like a tail, which was also quite funny.Sun Zhuo and his sister together, not in front of the camera, fans said, don’t bother you, you have to have fun.In fact, after Sun Haiyang and his family came to Zhuhai, Sun Zhuo took his sister to the seaside to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, the weather was not very good, and they saw a ray of sunshine, which was not quite the same as the sunrise in their imagination.The siblings got up at 6 a.m., and Sun Zhuo was a little disappointed that he didn’t see the sunrise, but they took a lot of photos on the beach.The sister leans on Sun Zhuo, and the appearance level of the sister and the brother is just copy and paste. It has to be said that they are too similar. Some netizens say that they look like twins, and Sun Zhuo’s mother also responded to the netizens.This should be the last time for Sun Zhuo to travel before the school starts. In the future, Sun Zhuo and Sun Hui will enter into intense study, and Sun Yue will also work, so she can only go out to play again.Sun Haiyang’s bun shop is also about to start, a few days ago, the staff also sent a video, revealed that these two days are doing health, they have been there in advance.Sun Haiyang and his wife have two shops in Shenzhen, and their expenses are not small in a year. It is not easy for Sun Haiyang to do so well in her career after so many years of searching for a son.After the Lantern Festival, Sun Zhuo and Sun Hui will soon start school. Last year, Sun Zhuo was admitted to a new school. On the whole, his adaptability is quite strong.