Spring go | outstanding displays at the grass-roots level to meet the New Year flower market sentiment

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The flower market is a riot of colour.Hualong network – new Chongqing client reporter Shi Tao photo Hualong network – new Chongqing client 9 o ‘clock news on January 31 (reporter Lian Xiao) as the saying goes, flowers and riches.Buying flowers and plants before the Spring Festival to add joy to the home is the choice of many citizens.New Year’s Eve morning, Chongqing Wanghai flower market ushered in many flower buyers.Wandering in the flower market, each stall is competing with each other, clusters of flowers blooming, one is full of joy.Phalaenopsis is very popular with the citizens.Hualong net – new Chongqing client reporter Shi Tao photograph popular this year which flower varieties?Many businesses an opening, will recommend phalaenopsis.Reporters see, a basin of colorful Phalaenopsis, is placed in the most prominent position in the business, they stretch out a long pedicel, flowers such as butterflies flying, charming.”Phalaenopsis is in its flowering season and can bloom for one or two months in the living room during the Spring Festival.”Chen Yueling, a flower shop owner, told reporters that phalaenopsis atmosphere, meaning good, not only suitable for putting in the home, but also for visiting relatives and friends, although the price of phalaenopsis hundreds of yuan, but this does not affect its annual Spring Festival has become a hot variety.Phalaenopsis is very popular with the citizens.In addition to phalaenopsis, local wax plum rich in Chongqing, as well as big flowers Huilan, gold and jade, the head of the good fortune, clivia, cyclamen and other flowers, because of the meaning of good luck, on the eve of the Spring Festival to buy and sell prosperous.Buy flowers during the Spring Festival, wang Sea flower market business?Reporters followed up a dozen businesses, most businesses in addition to the New Year’s day, the rest of the business as usual;A small number of businesses said they would not close on The first day of the lunar New Year, and people visiting friends and relatives to buy flowers could go to buy at ease.(This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download to each major application market)