School starts next Wednesday!!These things are about safety!

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School season is coming, in order to ensure the safety of students to go to school unblocked, the municipal public security traffic control department sent additional police to strengthen road traffic control.At the same time, to the majority of students and parents issued safe travel tips, improve traffic safety awareness, fully understand the school on the way to walk, bike and ride a variety of potential traffic safety risks, “know the danger, will avoid risk”, safe school.Spring school, the weather temperature is still relatively low, the distance to school students, most parents will choose to drive private car shuttle.Parents who drive private cars to and from school should take precautions against the following.● Children under the age of 12 May not ride in the passenger seat.Tianjin Road Traffic Safety Regulations clearly stipulates that drivers shall not allow minors under the age of 12 to ride in the co-driver seat.Children under the age of 12 should sit in the second row of the car and be in a child seat with a seat belt fastened.● Safe position parking, that is, stop and leave to avoid affecting the school gate traffic order.Please choose a safe place to pick up and drop off your children. Please do not stop in the driveway, crosswalk, sharp curve and steep slope.● Teach your child to observe the situation before opening the car door, to avoid driving the car door recklessly and causing an accident.If you want to get on and off from the right side of the vehicle, it is easy to be hit by a car coming from behind.The situation is complicated. Many parents who drive to school park their cars in front of the school, and their children who sit in the back seat get off and go to school by themselves.At this point, if the child did not pay attention to the rear vehicle situation, directly open the door, and the rear driving to the non-motor vehicle or pedestrian collision.Prompt the majority of parents, to tell children how to correctly drive the door, so as to avoid traffic accidents.Students should first observe the rear situation, open the car a small gap, do not open all at once, observe the surrounding situation safe again, open the door to get off.● Be careful of blind spots and do not pass in front of other vehicles.After getting off, you can’t pass in front of the car just under, because the car body blocks the line of sight of the rear car, and it is easy to have a traffic accident.For students whose schools are close to their homes, parents usually choose to ride bicycles or electric bicycles to carry their children to school.Some parents of senior students accompany their children to school on a bicycle.The municipal public security traffic control department reminds parents that the relevant laws have clear age provisions for riding bicycles and electric bicycles.● Riding a non-motor vehicle must comply with the age regulations.In the “Road Traffic Safety Law implementation regulations” clearly stipulates that driving a bicycle on the road must be at least twelve years old;You must be at least 16 years old to drive an electric bicycle on the road.In other words, in primary school, only those who have reached the age of 12 can ride bicycles on the road.Elementary and middle school students under the age of 16 are not allowed to ride electric bikes.● Riding non-motor vehicles carry people have exquisite.It is clearly stipulated in Several Regulations of Tianjin On Road Traffic Safety that persons who drive bicycles or electric bicycles under the age of 18 are not allowed to carry passengers;Anyone who has reached the age of 18 and is driving a bicycle or electric bicycle may carry a minor under the age of 12 in the fixed seat.Therefore, parents who ride e-bikes to and from school should note that one e-bike can only carry one child under 12 weeks of age.● Riding an electric bicycle must wear a safety helmet.Some parents know that they must wear safety helmets when riding e-bikes, but they do not wear safety helmets for their children because “it is not necessary to wear safety helmets because the distance to school is too close” and “it is too troublesome to take two helmets when going to work directly after dropping off their children”.According to Several Provisions on Road Traffic Safety in Tianjin, drivers and passengers should wear safety helmets when driving electric bicycles on the road.When parents ride an electric bicycle with a child under 12 years old when going out, both parents should wear safety helmets, do not have a weak awareness of traffic safety, in order to facilitate the children in danger.● Riding electric bikes should be reasonable cold to ensure safety.Early in spring, the temperature is still relatively low in the morning.In this reminder, the majority of parents, riding electric bikes to pick up their children, should choose a reasonable way to keep warm in the premise of safe travel.Wearing a safety helmet on the head can keep you warm.Wear gloves to keep warm;The upper body should wear normal clothes for wind and cold, do not wear clothes upside down;Leg warmth can choose to wear knee pads.Riding electric bikes with windshields, wearing long scarves for children, installing windproof thermal hoods, wearing coats and other ways of keeping out the cold have serious traffic safety risks. Only by keeping out the cold on the way to school can children be warm and safe.● Go your own way and ride by law.When riding a non-motor vehicle on a road, it shall pass within a non-motor vehicle lane, and on a road without a non-motor vehicle lane, it shall run along the right side of the road.In the process of riding, you should abide by the traffic laws and regulations. You should not hold on to the handlebars with one hand or leave them with both hands to ensure the safety of riding.Walk to school ● Students who walk to school, do not cross the road at will, do not jump over the fence, not to play on the road.● Obey the traffic signals when crossing the intersection and use the crosswalk.● Cross the road from the crosswalk;When there is no crosswalk across the road, stop two to see three through, confirm whether all the vehicles at the intersection have stopped and then pass, do not suddenly run when the vehicle approaches.The best thing to do is to raise your hand, make eye contact with the driver, make sure you don’t leave the car, the car doesn’t start, so that you can safely cross the intersection.When crossing the road, you can take the crosswalk as well as the street overpass.● Students who take the bus to and from school should wait at the platform when waiting for the bus. Do not rush to see the bus coming into the station, which will interfere with the normal stop of the bus.Do not go to the front of the bus and so on, the bus in front of 1 meter is the driver’s blind spot.● Line up to get on the bus, the whole ride to wear masks, sit firmly and hold fast, can not chase, can not put the body out of the window, do not throw debris out of the window.● When getting off, we should carefully check whether there is a non-motor vehicle on the right side. We should not rush to avoid accidents.● After getting off, do not rush to cross the road in front of or behind the vehicle you take, but according to the traffic lights, from the crosswalk.Traffic safety on the way to school, not only need students to know “know the danger, will avoid risk”, but also need parents to start from their own words and deeds, strictly abide by the traffic laws and regulations, to set a good example for children.