Learn to put others into your heart, can also be gentle world

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Education is not for others to see, but for ourselves. When we take out good education, we can not only warm our hearts, but also bring light to others and illuminate their way forward.I hope that the articles in books will also bring warmth and guidance to millions of readers and light up your way forward.Breeding is to give respectability to others and to oneself.True education is not to look out, but to look in.The very foundation of education is to have someone else in your heart.Education is not a methodology, but life itself, it lies in the details of life.It is a person of propriety in words and deeds, tolerance in communication, gentleness in manners, kindness in the heart.Sometimes a detail, can see a person has education, education is fixed in words and deeds.An educated person can make people feel warm and comfortable in contact with such a person.Such a person, there is no lack of friends, nor lack of warmth.”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a great discipline.He that would save others must save himself.If you can’t do it yourself, why point fingers at others?True education is not to look out, but to look in.To look at oneself, to have requirements for oneself, to put them into practice, and then to imperceptibly change these requirements into the standards of life and work, this is education.True education requires not others, but oneself.Don’t berate others for what they should do, but hold yourself to a high standard.When we do ourselves well, so that we don’t get angry with others, that is good manners.Don’t show your superiority in front of others, respect others’ self-obedience.Everyone has frustrated time, when others frustrated, help others, he will always remember you.On the contrary, when others glory, just think of each other, each other will not put you in the heart.Think of others, and they will think of you.