Home in Futian “Happiness and sweet”

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Hua an news network (Chen Ruibei Zheng Zhiming) lucifer castle peak fu Mantian, people happy and sweet life.During the off-season, in The Jufu Pavilion of Futian Village, Makeng Township, Hua ‘an County, people leisurely soak the fragrant Tieguanyin tea, and children play and play games here, which is a happy and sweet village life.The average elevation of Futian village is about 750 meters.According to local people, Futian village was formerly called “Sanqiu Tian”.Because the village has three plots of relatively large field, the grain output is not little, and get this name.After the founding of New China, it was renamed “Futian”, meaning “blessed field” and “happy field”.Because the village is located in the western mountainous area of Hua ‘an County, it has been restricted by various factors such as location, transportation and natural environment for a long time, and its development is relatively lagging behind.In recent years, under the party’s favorable policy support, Futian village gorgeous turn around.At present, the village has the fourth batch of Chinese traditional village, revolutionary old base area village, the first batch of provincial traditional village, provincial beautiful village, Fujian Province forest village and other “titles”.The village planted colorful osmanthus, cherry blossom, red rice, gynost’ pentaphylla, far and near famous.Today, futian village, every family built a new house, the new wind of civilization blowing through the farmers, material and spiritual life “blessing”.Life in Futian is also getting sweeter and sweeter.Ma Keng township Futian village villager: “I wish you a sweet happiness, the cause of prosperity!”