Doorstep of the “golden rice bowl” has been “shelves”!Xiangxiang people fast forward to the studio to understand

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The spring breeze sends the post, the employment warms the heart.In order to ensure employment during the epidemic prevention and control period, ensure the employment demand of enterprises and solve the employment problems of all kinds of job seekers.The municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will carry out a series of recruitment activities of “Spring Breeze Action” in xiangxiang city in 2022.What kind of positions are there?Which companies are recruiting?What are the requirements?In order to answer your doubts we invited Xiangxiang City human resources service center director Luo Xiangdong guest Xiangxiang people’s radio station broadcast room with us to talk about this year’s “spring breeze action” special activities of Xiangxiang City human resources service Center director Luo Xiangdong listen to platform one, Xiangxiang people’s radio FM94.2
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What is the theme of this year’s spring Breeze Action?What are the differences between spring Breeze Action and previous years?What channels can job seekers use to get information about job openings?What do candidates need to know about the company during the recruitment process?Is there any recruitment for special groups?…If you’d like to know something about “spring breeze action” remember January 27 17:30pm on time locking studio we be there or be square edit | yi won deputy editor | Liu Qunyi Yang Haomin editor in chief vice editor-in-chief | | tan willows Zhou Xin editor-in-chief | ChuYongXiang