A child is among the injured in a shooting at a mall in the US state of Arizona

2022-04-26 0 By

The proliferation of guns has long been one of the most stigmatized problems in American society, with tens of thousands of people killed and injured in shootings every year.While the government’s efforts to tighten gun control have been slow to materialise, now comes another tragedy.Four young people and a child were critically injured in a shooting at an outlet in Glendale, Arizona, the Daily Star reported On March 23.In photos from the scene, shops were closed, a cordon was pulled up outside the mall and armed local police patrolled the scene.”At least three people are confirmed injured, including children, in the shooting at Tanger Outlets near Loop 101,” reported Cody Tillich, a local news reporter.Glendale police later confirmed there was at least one victim and a suspect in custody.The identities of the victims and the extent of their injuries were not immediately available.Shoppers and staff were cordoned off when the alarm sounded.The entire area of downtown Glendale was also cordoned off while police investigated, with helicopters hovering over the empty mall.Dozens of cops are still searching every car in the mall parking lot.Witnesses, a shop assistant, said they heard five shots fired at about 2.45pm local time on Wednesday.Another bystander said: “We heard what sounded like gunshots, and there were a lot of people running around the corner, screaming, Shouting ‘He’s shot somebody’, ‘he’s shooting’.”Many expressed their sympathy and concern for the victims.”There have been a lot of shootings from Phoenix to Glendale,” one user prayed.My prayers go out to the victims.””Three minors were shot !!!!It’s horrible for anyone to shoot, but god, how and why would you shoot a child?!”In 2012, president Barack Obama burst into tears during a mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut, but failed to tighten regulations on gun sales.The biggest recent change in U.S. gun laws is to raise the legal age to carry a gun from 18 to 21.Guns legally in the United States, originated in the history of the American revolutionary war, overthrow the colonial government experience success let gun culture is deeply rooted in the heart of the united nation, gun ownership has become a well-deserved behavior, buying and selling guns, meanwhile, has become a huge industry profits, affects the relevant policy towards at the back.It seems that the United States so far can only do gradual gun control, to achieve a real ban on guns, I am afraid it will require more efforts.