Review hours of reporters to help “buy a house I love to ask good jun”, those to consult the buyers to buy a house?

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In early August 2021, Qianjiang Evening News “hour reporters help” real estate column “BUY a house I love to ask good Jun” officially launched, for buyers to answer questions.Years ago, “hours of reporters help” look back, the reporter contacted some of the buyers of the question, found that many people in the “buy a house I love to ask good jun” with the help, successfully bought a house.The Year of the Tiger is coming, “I Love to ask Jia Jun” will continue to provide professional advice for home buyers.If you want to consult about real estate, you can download the “Hour News” App, enter the “reporter gang”, and ask “I Love to ask Jia Jun”.For most ordinary young people, the budget for their first house is not large.A post-1995 house buyer once asked, “Mr. Jia Jun, I’m sorry. My budget is very low and I can only afford the total price within 2.5 million yuan.”The answer of “reporters gang” first encouraged and affirmed him, because as a 25-year-old young man, he can buy an apartment in hangzhou, a new first-tier city, which is very impressive.Then, the hour news reporter through his workplace (near the academy of Fine Arts), tailored to him a detailed plan: 1, even if there is a car, also want convenient transportation, as far as possible to choose a real estate subway;2, in time for space, the budget is not much, can not buy ready-made supporting properties, looking for surrounding properties with better supporting planning, over a few years to cash;3, young people’s social security time is not long, do not recommend to participate in the red plate lottery, from the point of view of self-living, as soon as possible to buy a house is very important.Through the summary of several elements, the reporter recommended several real estate for him to the River spillover plate Fuyang, and finally he chose a set of Fuyang subway housing, brand housing enterprise development, peripheral business supporting perfect, the price is not expensive.After signing the contract, he sent a message to the reporter of Qianbao hour News: “Thank you jiajun teacher, thank the ‘reporter gang’. At this moment, I feel that this city is related to me.”Listen to “reporter help” proposal replacement bridal chamber improves life Mr Deng has two old houses in Hangzhou, be in jing Fang, be in Zhaohui.He has been afraid to change his house for years because of rumors of demolition.As a result, the family lived in a house of more than 50 square meters, with poor living conditions, parking difficulties and poor quality of life.He wrote on the reporter s club, Should such a situation continue to wait for demolition or should it be replaced and improved?The reporter calculated for him: if he had made up his mind to change his house five years ago, the increase of the new house in most parts of hangzhou’s main urban area actually beat the compensation for demolition.For a very low probability of demolition opportunity, give up the improvement of self-living environment, a bit more than the gain.When the reporter gang looked back, Mr. Deng had sold a vacant old shabby house and bought a new house in Jianqiao. Now he was looking forward to a better life for his family after the new house was delivered.There are no “house tickets” in Hangzhou, and there are only two ways to buy a house: buy a house in an unrestricted area or buy a serviced apartment.Zheng read in Hangzhou, a junior, before shaking a few times, the property market after the New Deal lost the ticket.Looking at the people who bought the room all claimed to earn money, small Zheng heart itching.He consulted “reporters help” : “I am a junior student, if the first to Buy a house in Lin ‘an, until the delivery of a point to earn price difference, at this time in Hangzhou almost also have a room ticket, and then to replace the new house feasible?”From a professional point of view, the reporter discouraged:” Holding the purpose of short-term speculation to Buy a house in Lin ‘an, the risk is greater, it is suggested to see the occupancy rate and turnover rate of Lin ‘an, after delivery is likely to turn difficult situation.In the second half of the market decline, the first affected is the outer suburbs of the real estate.A few months later, Xiao Zheng told reporters that he hesitated, he did not go to Lin ‘an to buy a house investment, and before he almost bought a real estate, at the end of last year also reduced the price promotion.Frightened small Zheng thanked the “reporter help”, he said until the purchase qualification, and then seriously choose a set of housing, then to consult the “reporter help”.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.