Hou Yanli, deputy of Shandong Provincial People’s Congress: polish the gold sign of “Hometown of two strings in Shandong Province”

2022-04-25 0 By

Qilu evening news · JiLuYi journalists Lucille NPC delegates, heze in shandong province the dingtao area two clip string Hou Yanli said, director of the center for national intangible heritage protection, the government work report “ten” is put forward, which is rich spiritual and cultural life of the masses, the implementation of “qilu artistic peak” plan, promote the integration development, etc.She suggested protecting and inheriting excellent traditional culture and polishing the golden signboard of “Hometown of two strings in Shandong Province”.Hou Yanli said, in recent years, cultural undertakings have made new development of heze decides tao, of district 2021 sent to the countryside to play 800 games, 130 games into the campus, two clip string “there sister-in-law” foster mother “” spring and autumn ShangSheng” three drama was selected to participate in the “one hundred campaign spanning to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China in shandong province outstanding drama performance,”Spring and autumn ShangSheng” was selected to participate in the ninth China asean (nanning) week of drama award for the best play activities was named hibiscus, excellent dramas, transforming social traditions playlet “longevity” rooster won the 12th two important awards, culture and art festival of shandong province outstanding small play honorable mention award for the best new literary works with the masses,Won the highest prize “grand Prize” of the organizing committee of the third East China Modern local Opera Competition of six provinces and one city.Dingtaoxicheng Primary School, the Traditional Opera Heritage Base of Shuangjiaxian Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection, was identified by the Ministry of Education as the third batch of Excellent Chinese traditional culture inheritance schools in primary and secondary schools in China;Dingtao District Liangjiaxian Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Inheritance Center has been approved as shandong Province intangible cultural heritage inheritance and education practice base.Dingtao district by the provincial culture and tourism office as shandong province two clip string township.Hou Yanli said, as a grass-roots cultural workers, after returning to earnestly carry out good cultural activities such as sending drama to the countryside.Efforts should be made to create fine works of literature and art, promote socialist core values, protect and inherit excellent traditional culture, polish the golden signboard of “Hometown of Double Stringed Strings in Shandong Province”, and strive to build dingtao into a cultural name card of “Hometown of Double Stringed Strings in China”, so as to help build a culturally strong province.