Can a woman still live as a husband and wife after menopause?What should middle-aged and elderly couples pay attention to?

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For Chinese, many people avoid the topic of sex, especially those who are getting older. In their opinion, they are not only embarrassed and embarrassed, but also think that they don’t need sex when they are old.But in fact, this is good to husband and wife feeling and family and disharmony are relatively big impact, not only such, also have an impact on health, we should treat correctly, especially in old friends.For some women, after menopause, they just feel like they can’t be married anymore, right?In fact, this is not the case, the reason why many women will have such an idea, may feel menopause, ovary is also aging, to the menopause can not be.But this is a normal physiological phenomenon, and this does not represent the loss of function, but for this kind of women, this is a very easy to ignore the problem.Itself in this special period, women’s body and mind will appear some changes, mood is easy to become unstable, easy to sleep well, coupled with this trouble, may be their psychological pressure will be greater, will be more negative, if the partner does not understand them, in the long run, is also very adverse to health.Some women don’t think so at first, but then they find out that they have all kinds of physical problems, such as pain, sometimes inflammation and infection, and they think that women can’t do it after menopause.Such a situation may indeed exist, which is related to the rapid decline of estrogen in women, in addition, it may be related to their psychological factors, easy to aggravate the discomfort.Postmenopausal women still can be husband and wife life, women might as well change the Angle to think, may worry that accidental pregnancy before, but now, may be the burden is not so heavy, adjust good state of mind, look at this right thing, appropriate exercise at ordinary times, learn to relax, and may feel will be different from before.Actually, in old age husband and wife also can lead husband and wife life, harmonious word, still have the following benefits to body health: in the heart and lung function of the old people in decline, maintain healthy sexual life, can improve blood circulation, is conducive to heart and lung health;It also helps to relieve body and mind and improve sleep quality;Japanese research has found that this can help slow down the aging of the brain.For both men and women, there are also benefits: for women, it’s good for physical and mental health, to some extent, it’s good for surviving menopause, and for men, it’s good for prostate health.In addition, for middle-aged and elderly couples, often quarrel in life, which is also conducive to promoting feelings, mental health for the elderly, is very important, more conducive to health and longevity.Of course, old people, the body will appear a series of changes, about sexual life, there are some matters to pay attention to, the following suggestions to pay attention to, if ignored, may affect the body and mind and physical health.The first point to pay attention to is to maintain a reasonable frequency, excessive or reluctant are not healthy, suggested two to three weeks is more appropriate.The second point to pay attention to is the form, for the elderly, not necessarily to achieve what kind of results, both sides can naturally express, psychological interdependence, in fact, is also very important.The third point to pay attention to is hygiene and cleanliness, middle-aged and elderly people’s immunity and resistance to decline, pay attention to personal cleanliness and hygiene is very important, if ignored, may also affect the health of the other half.All in all, for the elderly, sexual life is necessary, we do not have to feel embarrassed or embarrassed, for the female after menopause, to treat correctly, unfavorable to increase unnecessary psychological burden to oneself.On the contrary, a scientific and healthy husband and wife life is conducive to each other’s health and longevity.[1] Can menopause still lead husband and wife life?People’s Daily Online.2019.01.15[2] Who said that post-menopausal marital life is not “sexual” happiness.Journal of Public Health.2019.07.20[3] The “secret” for older people to live a good sex life: Don’t be shy, it’s good for you.Health industry.2020.11.11[4] Chinese sexual life status: a lot of people are to do!Health Times.2020.04.28