A thank-you letter to the people of the district!

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Dear citizens and friends: pure ice and snow, passionate date.The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics have come to a successful conclusion.The CPC Beijing Shijingshan District Committee and the People’s Government of Beijing Shijingshan District express their heartfelt thanks and high respect to the people of the whole district who care for, support, participate in and contribute to the work of the Winter Olympics.As the Beijing games organizers headquarters base and important conference, the shijingshan district thoroughly implement the spirit of general secretary of the important instructions, xi full implementation of municipal party committee municipal government policy decisions, with the most full of enthusiasm, fine service, the most rigorous style of work, according to the “four do the” concept and simplicity, safety, excellent “run competitions,Successfully completed the task of serving the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and delivered a wonderful and excellent answer paper.Under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, the venues and supporting facilities in Shijingshan District have been built and put into operation with high standards. Shougang ski jumping platform “Snow Flying” is amazing in the world, and the event organization has been highly praised by guests and friends from all over the world.With full participation in the Winter Olympics, snow and ice sports and snow and ice industry have accelerated their development, and won the award of the first demonstration area of “Bringing 300 million people to participate in snow and ice Sports” and “Snow and ice Community” and “Snow and ice School” in China.Taking advantage of the Winter Olympics, the urban environment has taken on a new look, the transformation and development of the whole region has yielded fruitful results, and the people have a sense of gain, happiness and security.Looking back at the unforgettable journey from preparation to hosting, I would like to express my gratitude to the project builders for their tireless work day and night and for completing the construction of venues and supporting facilities with high standards.Thanks to all the staff of the venue operation team for their solidarity and close cooperation to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of the event;Thanks to the medical and epidemic prevention workers, fearless adherence, built a strong line of defense against the epidemic;Thanks to the public security, transportation, urban management, sanitation and other winter Olympics services to ensure that workers on all fronts to their duties, dedication, escort the games and the operation of the city;I would like to thank the city volunteers for their love and warm service.I would like to thank media workers and propaganda and cultural workers for their elaborate planning and wonderful presentation, telling the charming story of the Winter Olympics, the story of China, the story of Beijing and the story of Shijingshan.Thanks to community workers in the streets, “old neighborhoods” and other groups unknown to the public, selfless dedication to create a clean and beautiful city…What moved us the most was that the people of the district obeyed the overall situation, served the Winter Olympics, and made selfless contributions. With practical actions, the people of the capital showed their “warm, cheerful, open, positive and helpful” style of The Times, and jointly wrote a new chapter in the history of the “Double Olympic Region”.The new ring has committed itself to the future!The successful hosting of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games has further stimulated the high morale of the people in Shijingshan district, and even more concentrated the great power of the people in Shijingshan district to promote the comprehensive and in-depth transformation and high-end green development.Let us rally more closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, fully implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and continue to work with confidence, hard work and determination under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the Municipal Government.We will further transform the passion generated by the Winter Olympics and Paralympics into enterprising and down-to-earth actions and practices, constantly create a new situation of high-quality development of the district, build the West Gate of the capital city at a high level, and welcome the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements!Together to the future!Shijingshan District Committee of the Communist Party of China Beijing Shijingshan District People’s Government Of Beijing March 14, 2022